Putin Sees No Prospects Of Deal With ‘Gang Of Drug Addicts And Neo-Nazis’ Sitting In Kiev

Putin Sees No Prospects Of Deal With 'Gang Of Drug Addicts And Neo-Nazis' Sitting In Kiev

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during the Victory Day parade in Red Square in Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2019. /Reuters

On February 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he sees no prospects of any agreements with the “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that settled in Kiev and took hostage the entire Ukrainian nation”.

The Russian leader called on the Ukrainian service members to do not allow these criminals to use “their children, wives and old people as human shields”.

He proposed the Ukrainian military to take power in its hands saying that it seems that there are more chances for accords if this happens.

The President noted that main clashes during the ongoing operation “take place not with regular Ukrainian troops, but with nationalist formations. The Nazis in Ukraine act like terrorists, set up multiple rocket launchers in Kiev and Kharkov”.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Russian nation asking Russians to protest against the military operation in Ukraine. The sad irony of the situation is that this happens amid the hysteria of Ukrainian government bodies, media and ‘activists’ that vow to kill every ethnic Russian in Ukraine (a large part of the country’s population is ethnic Russians) and in Russia itself.

Media reports claim that Zelenksky and his inner circle are about (if not already) to ‘strategically retreat’ from Kiev, which has been blocked from the west by the advancing Russian forces. So, the current leadership of the collapsing Kiev regime will likely lead the ‘war with Russia’ from some more safer place.

Another fact showing the real intentions of Kiev authorities is the decision to give weapons to anybody who wants it in the Ukrainian capital to “fight Russians”. This has no real military value in the conditions of the modern warfare. However, it already led to the creation of multiple gangs of ‘patriotic Ukrainians’ that kill each other, ordinary civilians and just loot property all around the city.

It is clear that the Kiev regime has no real intention to save lives of Ukrainians or protect the existence of the country. The only goal is to create ‘nice picture’ for MSM, cause deaths and destroy the city for propaganda purposes.


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