What Life Is Like RIGHT NOW During the Ukrainian Invasion

As The Organic Prepper predicted, yet did not hope for, the Ukrainian-Russian war has now popped off. There were simply too many signs to believe that anything other than a full-scale invasion would happen. (Seriously. If you believed otherwise, you need to quit trusting your TV.) Ukraine’s largest cyberattack ever. Massive blood shipments being staged.

It never was a “military drill” on Russian soil.  It never was “sabre rattling.” This was about war from the beginning.

And now it is here.

Russian forces began rolling into Ukrainian in the night hours of February 23, rapidly gaining ground in what is best described as a blitzkreig.

President Zalensky of Ukraine quickly began tweeting out calls for help, both to his own countrymen, and to the international community at large. Anybody who desired a weapon in Ukraine can now get one. It appears that all prisoners within Ukraine can now be released provided they fight for their country as well. This is liable to prove an attractive alternative by many rather than being placed in a Russian jail.

Air strikes have literally taken place throughout the entire country of Ukraine. Nowhere there right now is truly safe. In addition, there has been a significant portion of the country that has already fallen to the Russians. As of this writing, the Russians have made significant headway on the Eastern Front, are positioned in the north, and have made significant advances into the underbelly of Ukraine as well.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of the next video. Perhaps there was a military target nearby? Was this just fired into a neighborhood?

People are flocking underground.

Within the major cities, civilians are flocking to the subways in the hopes of being able to survive incoming missiles. There are some videos surfacing of civilians having been hit by rockets. We have not linked to them below as they are rather graphic.

Massive numbers of Ukrainians are fleeing the country right now as well. Major traffic jams have been reported outside of the city of Kiev as people attempt to leave in unison. Poland has set up a number of centers in their country in an attempt to handle the large number of Ukrainian refugees that are fleeing across the border.

Russia’s primary news website, RT.com, had previously posted an article discussing how American troops and Polish soldiers handling refugees in Poland were dangerous to Russian interests. This post cannot be linked to as the site RT.com is now inaccessible.

Hacker collective Anonymous has publicly stated they are dedicating their resources and personnel to attacking Russian interests. There is a possibility that they are responsible for taking down the site. A cyberattack by Ukraine is most certainly not out of the question here either.

The Ukrainians are fighting back.

Below you can see a Russian helicopter shortly after being shot down by Ukrainian fighters.

It appears Ukraine has something of an ace flying the skies as well…

Dogfights in the skies have been taking place all day today.

Civilians are getting in line to pick up their rifles now as well. The below video is just one of many similar videos currently in circulation online.

Reports are now coming in that Russian forces have taken Chernobyl.

There have been fears that fighting around this region will kick up radioactive dust into the air. It’s theorized that the reason Russia took this area was due to it having a road linking directly to Kiev. If Kiev is taken, it will serve as a major psychological blow to the people of Ukraine.

Where this will go next is anybody’s guess.

Biden placed a number of sanctions on Russia after the invasion, one of which was to say the USA would no longer purchase Russian wheat. China stepped in hours later stating that they would purchase Russian wheat instead. This not only virtually rendered this sanction useless, but shows that there is an alliance of sorts between these two nations at the time.

Shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, multiple Chinese jets were spotted over Taiwanese airspace as well.

Should NATO respond, Putin has stated that all decisions for how Russia will respond to all possible NATO responses have already been made. Any move on the part of NATO is to be met with severe force, Putin has said, and will likely result in Russia’s turning off Europe’s access to the natural gas flowing through the pipelines in the region of Ukraine.

In regards to direct American involvement, Putin has said that it would result in “consequences greater than any you have met in history.” While Putin lied about “military drills” being the reason for the massive Russian troop buildup along the Ukrainian border, I highly doubt he’s lying when he says that.

Get your food storage in order. What do you need right now? There are several stories being floated on the airwaves right now of Ukrainians flocking for food, water, and supplies. Get what you need.

And buckle up. You may have just lived through the beginning of something larger than you initially thought.

Let’s talk about it.

Where will this go next? What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss it in the comments.​​

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