Politicians Calling For Killings! Mass of Humanity Waking Up! Ukraine, Putin & Pain! Pray! – Must Video 

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Let’s hope this charade ends soon and the actual president takes backs his rightful title and, with a lot of prayer and God’s will, return this land back to Him and be blessed once again. :)

I beg to differ. People are not waking up at all. I have tried to wake hundreds of people up and they are more brainwashed than I have ever thought were possible. I am not taking a stab at anyone here but waking up? It is quite the opposite. More and more people are falling asleep. The spirit of propaganda has really taken over the world and is a devastating cancer with no cure in sight.

Ukrainian Flag – Blue and Yellow… combine them, what do you get? GREEN. These people are modern day pirates, their grift is human trafficking, weapons and drug trafficking, plus any other bonus of getting paid off for looking the other way or setting up a corrupt deal. These pirates seek the same “booty” as pirates of old…. Monetary gain. They use the color of money with their symbolism of the all seeing eye 👁 on the back of the dollar bill to rub our faces in it.

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