Absent minded? Use these crystals for focus to go from mindless to mindful

Feeling absent minded? Use these crystals for focus to go from mindless to mindful. With mercury retrograde upon us, you may find that your thoughts are becoming more and more erratic. The irony of thoughtless behavior is that its usually symptomatic of having too many thoughts. When our minds are jumping from one thought to another, anxiety grows and our ability to finish a single task dwindles. This can have a negative effect on our lives if we let it, but during a month with a new moon, a retrograde and a lunar and solar eclipse, we really can’t afford anymore chaos than we’re probably in for. To cleanse your mental fog, use crystals for clarity, crystals for focus and, most importantly, crystals for calm.

Mercury retrograde tends to throw life into overdrive, so its a good time to pump the breaks with practices like mindfulness and crystal meditation. Where your impulse might be to speak out (and likely with a vengeance), try the alternative path of quiet reflection, first. Mercury-inspired impulses like confrontations, big purchases and skimming messages rather than reading them completely, can all lead to regret post-retrograde. Take the fear out of going retrograde with these crystal suggestions to help you concentrate on beautiful moments and gratitude as you let the impulsive behaviors pass.

Crystals for Focus and Clarity


During a crazy period of time when it feels like your emotions are being negatively influenced, use a Malachite stone as your no-nonsense crystal to help you see which decisions are positive, and which are retrograde. Instead of letting yourself slip into a funk, use the amplified energy of these moon cycles and retrogrades as motivation to plan out a personal transformation. While this isn’t an ideal time to make major life changes, it is a great time to reevaluate and restructure. Although not typically thought of as one of the best crystals for focus, holding one in each hand helps the malachite healing properties work to balance the left and right sides of the brain.

Clear Quartz

Setting intentions with Clear Quartz programs it with the energy that you’d like it to carry. This practice is beneficial for those finding it hard to concentrate on exactly what it is they want, because it forces you to reflect on and repeat just one resolution. The only downside to using quartz crystal at this time is that it is as amplifying as it is clarifying. To counter balance that energy, combine quartz with Apophyllite or Green Apophyllite. Apophyllite is extremely calming, and will fight against any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling.


If holding your tongue has never been your strong suit, times of absent mindedness can mean a total lack of filter. For enhanced clarity in communication, work with Amazonite. It will help you to communicate with equal parts authenticity and sensitivity, and sooth your energy before you say something that you didn’t mean.

Crystals to Get Grounded

Smoky Quartz

There are several reasons why you’ll want to arm yourself with a Smoky Quartz stone in times of mindlessness. Through increasing your clarity and concentration, smoky quartz helps you to maintain a positive train of thought. The grounding that this stone lends will dissolve anxiety and stress, and in turn, work to bolster your already increased focus. As a crystal that guides you toward more rational thoughts and emotions, you’ll feel protected against the illogical stresses that can pop up when your mind is overburdened.


When your head is in the clouds, get back down to Earth with a Hematite gemstone. Meditating with the grounding essence of hematite will reset the mind. Hematite is a simplifier. It allows you to ditch the excess—whether its thoughts, negativity or energy in general—and root yourself in determined actions.

Use these crystals for focus in addition to your mindful practices. Take them out into nature, and let yourself just be with them. Breathe and soak in the energy of the moment. Try meditating with crystals in the morning for 3 minutes or 11 minutes. Then approach your day trying to stay conscious of each action. Be aware of every person you come into contact with, and try to impart some loving kindness on them. Remind yourself to be grateful for every moment that you have. These stones can be the tools that you need to establish a mindful routine. When you make crystal mindfulness a part of your everyday life, it can not only improve your day, through dedication, it can benefit your entire life.

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