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Clif High is back with his take on what’s going on in Ukraine.

At about nine and a half minutes in, he begins talking about Khazaria. Ukraine is located in territory that between 600-900 AD was part of the Khazarian Empire.

Many details about Khazaria remain mysterious and this is so, Clif says, because its denizens were the original identity thieves and its descendants, the Khazarian Mafia have for centuries controlled the world’s empires and banking systems – and most importantly, The Narrative.

As Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors.” Clif says the Khazarian Mafia has “altered, history, philosophy, viewpoints, all of these things, in order to protect themselves, because they are the name-stealers.”

He says that what’s happening in Ukraine is not as is being portrayed in the West. He says it’s not an invasion, it’s an incursion, in which the Russians are going after the biolabs.


He says, “Soon, Xi will go after the biolabs over here, in Taiwan…So they will attack and take over the biolabs in Taipei, because that’s where they located them.

“The Khazarian Mafia is very, very, very sneaky. So they put all these biolabs and stuff in civilian areas, which is perfect for releasing it later, just like they did with COVID-19.

“Russia knows that they released COVID-19, Xi knows they released COVID-19. The CCP cooperated with them, he has his own Deep State issues, they’re going to have to get the biolabs taken out of Taipei, so they’re going to have civilian issues there.

“The Taiwanese need to be doing what the smart Ukrainians are doing and stand the f* down. These people are not coming to take your territory. They’re coming to protect themselves from the Khazarians’ next plan – like what Bill Gates said, which is to f* ’em over with weaponized smallpox that’s genetically-keyed…

“So, there’s all these biolabs on the planet and they’re being taken-out, as part of this global overthrow of the Khazarian Mafia – what we call ‘the Globalists’; this group that has infiltrated the Jews, the Jewish population and has always used them as a cover – as a sacrificial cover…

“The Jewish population…as I say are there as a sacrifice. They’re there for you to hate, so you don’t ever get at the Khazarian Mafia that’s infiltrated them; that has taken them over the way they’ve taken over the Biden White House…

“So, here’s where we’re at now: Putin’s going to take out…13 biolabs here, that have been paid for by our Big Pharma, by DoD and all of this. This is great, because this is going to just rape them of vast quantities of money, as these things are destroyed.

“Then, Putin’s going to go away. He’s going to leave the Ukraine. They’re going to have a nice talk with Ukraine. They’re going to talk about Zelenskyy and what needs to be done with him and all of his ilk and they’re just going to go away…

“We’re going to have a similar situation that will occur in Taiwan, with Xi. Now, this is going to be like a knife to the gut for the Globalists, the Khazarian Mafia, especially here, in the West, because what the f* are they going to do?

“They’re saying that they’re standing with Ukrainians against the evil Russians. Are they going to stand with the Taiwanese against the evil Chinese?

“Especially when Biden is owned? When he has a big goddamned stick up his butt?

“Now, also look at how Xi doesn’t have anything to do with Biden. So there’s alignments going on, here.

“In order to see the war effectively, in order to see this infowar – now the developing kinetic war, which is not ever going to be nuclear, it’s not ever going to be World War III…it is a global war, but it is against the global infiltration of all the governments by the Khazarians.

“And guess who else is a Khazarian, eh? Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds, the Bauer family – who are claimed Jewish. I don’t think of them as Jewish, at all. I think of them as Satanic – as Khazarians…

“The Khazarians are really a goofy bunch and they’re evil, probably the most evil thing on the planet. Very profane. So, I have no issues saying they’re real f*ers and speaking of them in very profane terms, because they are instruments of profanity on this planet, at the deepest possible level – and it’s their time!


“So this is a glorious time to be alive. This is Armageddon, in the Christian sense – not Megiddo…as a pace-name in the greater area of Judea, not as that ancient battle, in which these people held against a tremendous siege of both Romans and Israelites, we’re not speaking of it that way.

“We’re speaking of Armageddon in the sense of the Great Revealing. This is the opening-up of all of the secrets. This is the Apocalypse. It is our Revelation. We’re living in the times of Revelation and we’re going to see all of this sh*t revealed, so it’s Secrets Revealed on a massive level…

“What you see on TV is a cover for these bastards, right here [points to Ukraine on the map] and no, they’re not Jews. They’re Satanists, OK? They are truly evil m*f*ers pretending to be Jews. And I get really pissed about that. Name stealing!”


Clif goes on to say that we are in a world war but it’s not between nation-state and nation-state.

He says, “This war is going to go for 18 years. It’ll peak over the course of ’23, ’24 and ’25. But it’s not going to be throwing nukes at each other. It’s not that kind of war. This is going to be an entirely different sort of thing.

“We’re going to have a huge burst of information come on out over this next year that is just going to be vastly altering of the information landscape and then, we’ll have much more come out in ’23, ’24, ’25, that will be the details that will backfill all of the stuff we’ll all be given this year.

“So, over these next few years, we will dive head-first into this new information war, as we rebuild humanity and Planet Earth. 

“I’m here to say that I’ve got nothing in my data that says we’ve got nukes flying around or any of that. I know the deeper levels of what’s going on because I read code. I can code. In fact, I’m doing code now, getting into Lisp in a very serious way, that’s why the parenthesis around the source code [in the video title].

“Because I can go deep into source code, I’m not worried about that aspect of it. I am very worried about people dying in this war as civilians from lack of electricity, lack of food, lack of medicine, lack of transportation, lack of water and so n.

“And so, here’s something to note: We don’t have people dying from lack of electricity. That ‘attack’ on the nuke plant was nowhere near the operational nuke plant, it was the administrative building, where the Khazarian Mafia had put their f*ing tanks that were shelling the Russian tanks.

“They wanted it to look like the Russians are the bad guys and doing this stuff, so they set up all of these false flag kind of episodes to try and sucker the Russians into this.

“Putin’s smarter than that and he’s just going to keep on hammering that information and there’s people like myself out here that are hammering out this information continuously.

“Even though I’ve got a lot of stuff to do and it’s very terrible times for us; we’re in grief…bereavement, we have to get this information out, because we’re in war and it is necessary that people understand and not freak out about this and then get on the right side of the alignment.

“In my way of thinking, Putin’s a righteous dude. And he’s a Judoka. And he walks his talk. Just like Trump. He walks his talk. Nothing duplicitous, nothing false or phony about either of these individuals.

“So we’ll see about Xi. If they go on in and then withdraw, hey, stand-up dude. And supposedly, he’s been the reverse of name-stealing; his name had been corrupted by the Khazarians in China.

“And here’s something else to note: the Khazarians took over the Russian Revolution as the Bolsheviks and it became Communism. The Khazarians instituted Mao’s revolution and supported Mao and paid for Mao’s revolution that took over China.”

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