The benefits of pairing shungite and selenite together for your home

When it comes to protecting the energy of your home and your family, two is better than one! We never know what kind of energy we will confront out in the world over the course of the day. But home is our safe haven – a place we want to feel physically secure and mentally at peace. While we can’t always control what happens in the outside world, we can at least try to control, to some degree, the environment of our home and, by extension, our family’s well-being. Instead of using just one crystal in your home for a single purpose, this crystal pairing offers a multi-layered approach, ensuring our most sacred spaces stay that way. Shungite and Selenite are the perfect dynamic duo for the protection of your home. Think of Shungite as the enforcer and Selenite as the light. When used together, you get the best of both worlds, keeping your home safe, and you sound. 

Shungite: the Enforcer

A black stone composed mostly of pure carbon, Shungite can only be found in one place on Earth – the Russian area of Karelia. This 2-billion-year-old stone is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a powerful long-lasting antioxidant, found to normalize the metabolism, stimulate tissue regeneration, boost the immune system and purify toxins. It is also a powerful tool to help neutralize and clear the damaging effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (or EMFs) that permeate virtually every aspect of our lives. Over time, our constant exposure to electronics and technological devices like cell phones and computers take a bio energetic toll on our bodies, at times leaving us feeling heavy, lethargic or stressed. They can even produce headaches or other physical ailments. When this negative energy accumulates, Shungite acts as a barrier against EMFs, transforming the electromagnetic energy, absorbing and neutralizing this harmful radiation so our bodies don’t have to. The shungite healing properties literally “clear the air,” leaving us feeling calm, balanced, clear-minded and restored.

Selenite: the White Light

Selenite is one of the most essential crystals to have in your home, serving as a purifying beacon of light. White in color, it clears and protects against stagnant or negative energy and creates an uplifted, positive environment. Selenite’s white light is also known for its healing properties. One of its most unique qualities, however, is its power to elevate the impact of other crystals when paired together, intensifying their impact and adding the extra layer of enlightenment. For example, if you are working with Shungite to secure and neutralize the energy in a room that is high in EMFs, Selenite will not only amplify Shungite’s power of protection but it will have the added benefit of clearing and cleansing any residual negative energy and infusing the space with light, creating a refreshed, balanced and reenergized environment. 

When use of one crystal is not enough, these two stones work in partnership to enhance the effect of the other, leaving your space protected and clear and leaving you feeling more focused, clear-minded and lighter.

Ways to Use the Selenite and Shungite Healing Properties Together

Neutralize All Your EMF Heavy Zones

These days, technology follows us everywhere and virtually any space would benefit from this powerful pairing. In particular, areas with high concentrations of electronics or WiFi hotspots are prime locations – places like home offices, kids’ rooms – especially teenagers, media rooms or even kitchens with a large amount of appliances. This crystal pairing comes in several forms that can add both beauty and protection to any room of the house. Try a Shungite sphere with a Selenite sphere stand, with the sphere shape emitting a constant, perpetual shield of protection, or a Shungite pyramid on a Selenite plate, with the pyramid shape producing an amplified intensity to reenergize areas with particularly high EMFs or electronics.

Create a Grid of Protection

Place shungite cubes in the four corners of a room. Near the doorway, place selenite crystals. Shungite neutralizes harmful, negative energies that exist in your space whether its from people or EMFs. Its energy is extremely grounding. Selenite prevents negative energy from entering a space, helping rid people’s energy field as they come into the space. It creates a constant flow of calming, positive energy.

Promote Sound Sleep

Combining a selenite crystal with a shungite sphere is a strong energetic pairing to promote restful sleep, alleviating insomnia, nightmares and anxiety. The shungite sphere works to eliminate that negative energy from your space while the selenite crystal emits a soothing energy throughout the bedroom.

Create a Meditation Vortex

Meditation is amplified when you add the dimension of healing crystals. To create a meditation vortex, place four shungite cubes in the four directions surrounding your meditation cushion. As your sitting in meditation position, hold selenite harmonizers in your hands. Selenite harmonizers create a pillar of light, so when you hold them in each hand, you have light surrounding your entire being. The four shungite cubes create a square base, and the harmonizers and crown of your head create a triangular formation. This has been an extremely intuitive meditation formula for us. You can add whatever other crystals you’re working with to your grid.

Anyway you can combine the polarity of these black and white stones will make an impact on your energy field. Use one of our methods, or use any combination of the shungite and selenite healing properties that works for you.

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