US-Controlled Ukraine Wants NATO War on Russia, Not Resolution

The Zelensky regime is controlled by its higher power in Washington.

Despite seeking conflict resolution talks with Russia, his negotiators failed to show up as scheduled for two rounds of talks — as ordered by the Biden regime.

Arriving a day or more later showed disinterest in pursuing good faith talks for peace over continued conflict.

After agreeing with Russia to establish humanitarian corridors for individuals in potential harm’s way to leave safely, Kiev breached its commitment by halting civilian evacuations from Mariupol during the ceasefire window Russia’s Defense Ministry established.

At this time, evacuations are blocked.

A statement by extremists in charge of the city council called them “postponed,” falsely claiming:

“The Russian side doesn’t abide by the ceasefire and has continued to shell Mariupol and its surroundings (sic).”

The above is a bald-faced Big Lie — likely scripted by Kiev on orders from the Biden regime to falsely blame Russia for the latest agreement breach.

Whether evacuations will proceed as agreed on or to what extent is unclear.

It’s quite clear that negotiations between Russian and Zelensky regime hardliners have been a colossal waste of time so far.

Before another round is held,  evacuations of civilians wishing to leave areas where Russia established safe humanitarian corridors should be accomplished.

Hardline Ukrainian extremists are holding thousands of noncombatants hostage as human shields — with likely full encouragement and support from the Biden and Zelensky regimes.

Separately on Saturday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said the following:

“Over the past 24 hours, an ammunition depot was destroyed using long-range high-precision weapons on the territory of a military unit in Zhitomir, where Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missile systems were being stored,” adding:

Russian forces destroyed over 2,000 military facilities since demilitarization of Ukraine began on February 24. 

Included are 71 command and communication centers, 98 S-300 anti-missile systems, Buk M-1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, and 61 radars.

“Sixty-six aircraft were destroyed on the ground,” 16 others when airborne.

A total of 708 tanks and other armored vehicles, 74 launch rocket systems, 261 mortars, 505 military vehicles, and 56 UAVs were eliminated.

In Donbass, Nazi-infested troops are firing on residential areas from schools, kindergartens, and hospitals.

Instead of reporting it, MSM suppress what’s going on.

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin called illegally imposed US/Western sanctions on Russia “akin to a declaration of war.”

What I call war by other means he said “is certainly a way to fight against Russia,” adding:

“(O)ur army will solve all the tasks facing it. I don’t doubt it for a second.” 

“The entire course of the operation proves it.”

“Everything is going according to plan…according to schedule.” 

Kiev’s military infrastructure was significantly degraded, including warehouses where weapons, munitions, aviation, air defense systems were stored.

While hardline extremists exist in many countries, only in Ukraine are they backed and honored by the ruling regime.

“Do you see thousands of people walking around (Kiev) with torches,” Putin asked?

“Did you see (them marching) with swastikas and with these torches like it’s Germany in the 1930s?” 

“Do we support those who killed Russians, Jews…Poles” during WW II? 

“Do we make heroes out of them?” 

In Ukraine, they’re glorified.

If NATO or individual countries imposed a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace, they’ll be complicit with the Kiev regime enemies of Russia and targeted accordingly.

Sergey Lavrov accused US-installed Zelensky of trying to provoke conflict between Russia and NATO.

In Brussels on Friday, interventionist Blinken recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, including the following rubbish:

“Kremlin attacks are inflicting an ever-increasing toll on civilians” in Ukraine (sic).

“Hundreds if not thousands of Ukrainians have been killed, many more wounded, as have citizens of other countries (sic).”

Ukrainians have been pouring out of the country for years to escape from the scourge of fascist tyranny.

Blinken only noticed the exodus in the past few days.

He lied claiming that millions are trapped in Ukraine by Russia (sic).

Indeed, “bridges…have been destroyed” in Ukraine and Donbass — by retreating Kiev forces, not Russia or DPR/LPR freedom fighters.

What Blinken called “grisly tactics” reflect how hegemon USA operates in all its wars on invented enemies, including use of banned chemical, biological, radiological and other terror weapons.

He repeated the Big Lie about Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia NPP, falsely blaming Russia for violence by Kiev saboteurs.

Separately, he farcically called for dialogue with Russia, adding:

If Moscow shows “any signs of being willing to engage in meaningful diplomacy, of course we’ll engage.”

When undertaken, diplomacy with hegemon USA is a colossal waste of time and effort.

Its word is never its bond.

Saying one thing, then doing something entirely different is longstanding US policy.

Vladimir Putin should stick to achieving militarization and deNazification of Ukraine — ignoring diplomacy with the Biden regime and NATO co-conspirators as long as sanctions remain in place with destroying Russia’s economy in mind.

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