Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on the most intense mind-manipulating propaganda campaign by the US-dominated West against an invented enemy in memory, saying the following:

Russia is “up against an unprecedented information attack…(what amounts to) information terrorism.” 

“It is taking place not only in the media but also in cyberspace.” 

“The attack is being directed from the West…” 

“It’s being implemented through Ukrainian resources and capabilities.” 

“Ukraine and its infrastructure are being used as instruments.” 

“The goal of this attack is to misinform the international community and to discredit Russia’s actions.” 

“In this context we need to explain the real state of affairs.” 

Russia invoked the UN Charter’s Article 51 right of self-defense in response to the request of DPR and LPR leaders for help to combat 8 years of US/NATO’s support of aggression by Kiev against both republics and their long-suffering people.

The US-installed, Nazi-infested, coup d’etat Kiev regime has no legitimacy.

MZ: “That regime came to power as a result of a series of anti-constitutional events organized in Ukraine by the West.”

Since that time, Kiev “systematically violated human rights and the rights of minorities…”

It “infringed on freedom of speech and the media…”

It “waged war on the Russian language and culture…”

It “eliminated political opponents, (waged aggression on) Donbass, and sabotaged the efforts of the international community, primarily Russia, to find a legal solution to the conflict, as well as the Minsk agreements.”

All the while, the US-controlled puppet regime “was being supplied with Western weapons, which were delivered to it in huge amounts.”

Ukraine was weaponized to wage proxy war on Russia by maintaining a perpetual state of warfare on Donbass along its border.

Orchestrated and controlled by hegemon USA, it was done with menacing Russia’s security in mind — with intent to undermine it incrementally over time. 

At the same time, the US-dominated West rejected Moscow’s  security demands.

Russia seeks security according to the rule of law.

The UN Charter and other international law affirm this fundamental right for all nations.

None may seek dominance over others by what conflicts with the rule of law.

According to the 1997 Founding Act between Russia and NATO, no signatory to the agreement may strengthen its security at the expense of others. 

Ukraine was transformed “into an instrument of Western policy,” MZ explained, adding:

Actions by the US-installed regime “leave no doubt that the country is governed by criminals.” 

“The West is supplying them with weapons.” 

“These criminals are using civilians as human shields and are hiding in residential districts, flats and houses.” 

“They are doing everything they can, not sparing the lives of their citizens, foreigners or civilians in general, to create a certain picture of events and present it as a reality.”

There’s no ambiguity about US/Western support for Kiev’s internal and cross-border state terror. 

“(T)hugs wield Western weapons.”

They’re part of Ukraine’s military.

They’ve been “legalized” and portrayed as heroes.

They openly display Nazi symbols. 

Their empowerment in Ukraine is worlds apart from what rule of law democratic freedoms are all about.

MZ: “The armed forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazis are using peaceful civilians as a human shield and deploying heavy weapons in residential areas.”  

“This is a fact.” 

“These tactics are always used by terrorists, who are accustomed to taking civilians hostage.”

Russia received appeals from other nations for “help to provide a safe escape for their citizens and diplomats, as well as for employees of international organizations.”

“We do all we can (this is primarily being done by the Defense Ministry) to give them the necessary help.”

Deplorable conditions in Ukraine are exacerbated by deep-seated corruption, contempt for the rule of law, and rampant crime.

The Zelensky regime made a bad situation worse by releasing hardened criminals from prisons, arming them with weapons.

The result was predictable, MZ explaining:

Criminal gangs were formed in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

They’ve been “attack(ing) and kill(ing) their fellow Ukrainians.”

“(A) wave of looting, marauding and murders has swept through the country.” 

“Nationalism is assuming extreme forms verging on outright racism.”

“Nationals of Asian and African states are facing discrimination and violence.”

“The obvious aim of these actions is to create havoc and cause as many civilian casualties as possible.”

MSM reports exclude mention of the above in support of the Nazified country.

Unlike Kiev’s neo-Nazi battalions that intentionally destroy or disable critically important infrastructure, Russian military forces “are doing their best to ensure the safety of these facilities.”

“Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racial discrimination” are rampant in Ukraine.

The lives and well-being of Ukrainians with Russian roots are endangered.

All things Russia are banned in the country, including use of the language.

The US-dominated West supports and encourages the above, along with Nazification of the country and forever war on Donbass.

MZ: “Since April 2014, Ukrainian armed forces and law enforcement agencies have been ignoring the international agreements and acts by massively shelling Donbass communities.”

They’ve been “killing and wounding thousands of civilians who were never involved in the military conflict.” 

“They using lethal weapons, prohibited under international humanitarian law.” 

“Many communities, primarily along the line of contact, were left without water, gas or power, mobile phone services, or the supply of food and medicine.”

“People died when Ukrainian shells exploded, or from hunger, lack of water or medicine.”

Hospitals, schools, homes and other civilian targets have been attacked by Ukrainian forces for 8 years with US/NATO supplied weapons — killing thousands, causing vast destruction.

MZ: “Apart from killing people in Donbass with shells, Kiev enforced a water, economic and transport embargo on Donbass, bringing the region to the brink of a humanitarian disaster.” 

“Living in most cities along the line of contact was akin to surviving in an all-out war.” 

“This lasted for eight years. The Kiev regime did not want to draw a line between civilians and combatants.”

Dominant Nazi-infested Ukrainian elements are guilty of Nuremberg-level crimes — supported by the US-dominated West.

Evidence of banned bioweapons in Ukraine was revealed.

What’s going on breaches the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction. 

MZ: “In late February, the US Embassy in Ukraine removed from public access all documents related to military biological cooperation between Washington and Kiev.” 

“(E)arlier posted documents were deleted.”

Hegemon USA and complicit regimes pretend that what’s known about development of bioweapons in Ukraine doesn’t exist.

MSM ignore its crimes of war, against humanity, atrocities and other rule of law breaches.

Ukraine is a sinkhole of despotic rule at war against virtually everything ordinary people hold most dear.

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