Russia’s Demilitarization and DeNazification of Ukraine: Day 11

Since Russia’s campaign began on February 24, most of Ukraine’s — US/NATO supplied and supported — war machine was significantly degraded.

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin discussed Russia’s ongoing campaign, saying:

Thousands of Donbass residents, “13,000-14,000 of them have been killed there over years.” 

“More than 500 children have been killed or crippled” since 2014 by Ukraine’s war machine.

After agreeing to Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements in late 2014 and early 2015 respectively:

“(A)uthorities in Kiev began to say outright that they are not going to implement these agreements.” 

“They have been saying so all along on TV and on the Internet – everywhere!” 

“They state in public: We don’t like it. We won’t do it” — as ordered by their master in Washington.

At the same time, Russia is falsely accused of failing to implement Minsk — agreements it’s not part of.

The claim is “nonsense…absurd,” Putin stressed.

The US-dominated West “argue(s) that white is black and black is white.

Putin also stressed that he went beyond aiding Donetsk and Lugansk against cross-border shelling by Ukrainian forces to halt Kiev’s Nazified battalions from being supplied with weapons and related equipment for war-making by US-dominated NATO.

Days before Russia’s campaign began 11 days ago, about 50 cargo plans from the US and other NATO countries delivered around 2,000 tons of weapons and related equipment to Ukraine for endless war on Donbass.

Along with supplying its war machine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed the following:

US/NATO regimes supporting Kiev’s aggression “must realize the growing threat of these high-precision weapons falling into the hands of terrorist elements and bandit formations not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe as a whole.” 

“The flow of these weapons into illegal markets and into the hands of terrorist networks is only a matter of time.” 

“MANPADS (able to down aircraft) pose a huge danger to civil aviation, and ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) to railway transport and infrastructure.”

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, said the following:

“Not a single civilian was able to exit Mariupol and Volnovakha via (mutually agreed on) security corridors.” 

Nazi-infested “nationalist groups (continue) us(ing) the population of (both) cities as human shield(s).” 

They “used the ceasefire period for regrouping their forces and reinforcing their positions.” 

“Due to the Ukrainian side’s reluctance to somehow influence the nationalists or extend the ceasefire, the offensive resumed from 18:00 Moscow time.”

At this time, about 200,000 Mariupol residents and 15,000 in Volnovakha are prevented from reaching humanitarian corridors for safe passage out of these cities.

On Sunday, Konashenkov said over 2,200 Ukrainian military bases, infrastructure, and related sites were destroyed — the regime’s war machine largely neutralized.

According to the WSJ on Saturday, Poland may send Soviet era warplanes to Ukraine in return for US-supplied F-16s.

Russia controls Ukrainian airspace.

If hostile aircraft enter it, they’ll be intercepted and downed.

In Donbass, Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters continue to liberate areas held by Ukrainian nationalists.

On Saturday, DPR head Denis Pushilin said “Volnovakha clearing is concluding.”

“The town will be liberated in a couple of days.”

Four other towns were liberated since late last week, including a Mariupol plant.

Since last month, Lugansk freedom fighters liberated 40 townships.

While retreating from Donbass, Ukrainian forces looted stores and possessions of residents.

They destroyed vital infrastructure.

Russia is supplying vitally needed humanitarian goods.

According to WaPo on Saturday, Biden and complicit NATO regimes are working on “contingency plans” to establish a Kiev (puppet) government in exile — most likely in Poland.

The plan also involves support by US-dominated NATO for guerrilla war in Ukraine with use of jihadist and neo-Nazi foot soldiers.

Vladimir Putin called US/Western sanctions a “declaration of war” on Russia.

Deploying US/NATO-supported jihadists and neo-Nazi guerrilla fighters against Russian forces will push things closer to potential direct East/West confrontation.

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