$40,000-a-year Chicago private school boasted of injecting critical race theory into PHYSICS classes as far back as 2016 – and revealed that students’ reactions would be ‘tracked’

by Ronny Reyes, The Common Sense Show:

A $40,000-a-year- private school in Chicago had allegedly injected critical race theory into its physics classes as far back as 2016 and tracked students’ attitudes to the courses to see to see if they were successful.

Emails from The Latin School of Chicago obtained by The Federalist, a conservative news outlet, revealed that former director Elizabeth Denevi introduced a new curriculum to ninth grad students called ‘Social Justice in Physics’ six years ago.

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According to one email, which was addressed to parents, the course was meant to ‘address power dynamics, systematic racism, white privilege and the shortage of people of color and women in the field of science, especially physics.’

In an email obtained by The Federalist, a conservative news outlet, Denevi introduced a new curriculum to ninth grad students called 'Social Justice in Physics' in 2016

The email also stated that the effectiveness of the course would be tracked through the survey as they hoped students would ‘reflect deeply’ on their lessons.

It is unknown if the course is still ongoing in the school, and The Latin School did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

The lessons and theory taught are markedly similar to the types of ‘equity’ instruction that have roiled school boards across the US over the last year, with critics condemning the teachings as divisive and simplistic.

plained that the course was designed by Moses Rifkin, a physics teacher at University Prep in Seattle who claims to work with white teachers to help them understand ‘their privilege and the role they can and must play in working for social justice,’ according to his bio on the Learning for Justice, a branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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