Nigel Farage Launches New Movement To Reverse Britain’s “Ruinous” Green Agenda

Nigel Farage, the Briton who has been widely credited with sheparding the UK to Brexit, is launching a new campaign to demand a referendum on PM Boris Johnson’s “Net Zero” policy. 

Farge introduced the new movement, “Britain Means Business”, via an article in the Mail on Sunday in which he claimed that there’s growing disagreement about BoJo’s green policies within his cabinet. 

Nigel Farage is launching a political movement to campaign for a referendum on Boris Johnson’s controversial Net Zero policy to decarbonise the economy by 2050.

The former Brexit Party leader uses an article in today’s Mail on Sunday to announce that Britain Means Business – modelled on his successful campaign for a Brexit referendum – will call for the abandonment of the flagship green policy, which experts claim could cost £1.3 trillion.

Mr Farage’s intervention comes amid growing disquiet within the Cabinet over the burden the plan will put on an economy already creaking under the strain of the £400 billion Covid crisis and a surge in energy costs exacerbated by the disruption to gas supplies caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Farge explains in the article: “the political class in Westminster” has taken the country down a “ruinous path” by committing to ‘the Net Zero’ target without any public debate being held.

As we mentioned above, Farage and his co-founder Richard Tice, his co-founder for both “Leave Means Leave” and “the Brexit Party”, are demanding a referendum on the green agenda, which they described as an act of “appalling self-harm”. Farage went even further, claiming Britains’ leaders are perfectly happy to outsource the country’s industrial base if it means a reduction in CO2 emissions. 

One of the movement’s other goals is to campaign for the removal of the VAT.

“We will campaign for the five per cent VAT on energy bills to be removed.”

“Green subsidies are shovelled straight into the bank accounts of rich landowners, wealthy investors and foreign-owned conglomerates who own much of the renewable energy sector.”

Among BoJo’s most skeptical ministers is Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who has repeatedly expressed concerns about “Net Zero”, likely because HMG has pledged to subsidize the heating bills of millions of British families, effectively leaving the Treasury footing the bill for “Net Zero” after heating prices charged by utilities rise by an expected 50%+ in April. 

Farage then pointed to the fate of the British coal industry as an example of the disastrous consequences for industry caused by HMG’s green agenda. For example, so long as British steel is being produced, it will require coal. But where does Britain gets its coal now? It it imports it.

Recently, some 40 Tory MPs from the party’s “Net Zero Scrutiny Group” penned a letter to BoJo urging him to reverse HMG’s resistance to fracking Britain’s plentiful shale gas reserves. At a time when energy prices are soaring, this should seem like a no-brainer. Energy giant Cuadrilla is about to concrete two natural gas wells now that fracking has been banned, but a group of Tory MPs is desperately trying to stop this from happening, as the Sun reports.

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