Perpetual Russia Bashing on Propaganda TV

Throughout the West — especially in the US — MSM journalism as it should be is strictly forbidden on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

It’s most evident by guests interviewed on propaganda TV and radio.

The dregs of society show up regularly to the exclusion of their best, brightest and most honorable.

Always on Sunday talk shows on which mind-numbing rubbish is featured as standard fare — truth-telling nowhere in sight.

On March 7, interventionist Blinken came on multiple shows to recite his customary litany of hate-mongering perversions of reality on all things Russia.

Before introducing him on NBC (fake) News Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd recited his own bald-faced Big Lies — based on Biden regime supplied talking points.

He lied accusing Russia of “laying waste to Ukrainian cities (sic).”

He lied accusing Moscow of “violating…humanitarian corridors” — ignoring breaches by the Nazi-infested Kiev regime on order from its US master.

He lied saying a “full Russian assault (on Kiev is) expected (sic).”

He lied claiming that Vladimir Putin “crack(ed) down on free speech (sic).”

He lied saying that Putin may “widen this conflict beyond Ukraine’s borders (sic).”

He and an NBC reporter lied, falsely claiming that Russian forces killed “roughly 10,000 people” in Kiev (sic).

They lied about the effectiveness of Russia’s campaign, falsely saying it’s “not going well (sic).”

They lied calling Vladimir Putin “isolated (sic).”

Neither he, NBC, or other US/Western MSM ever explained reality on the ground in Ukraine.

For over eight years, not a kernel of truth about the Obama/Biden’s 2014 coup d’etat in the country.

Nothing about the transformation of its democratic rule to Nazi-infested fascist tyranny.

Nothing on 8 years of war by Kiev on Donbass and its long-suffering people.

Nothing on thousands of its residents killed in cold blood by cross-border shelling.

Nothing on destruction of residential homes, schools, and other civilian targets.

Nothing about a constant state of fear experienced by four million Donbass residents — not knowing where the next shell, motor round or missile might detonate.

Nothing on the US-installed puppet regime’s war on all things Russia, including the Russian language, history and culture.

Nothing on internal persecution of free expression dissent.

Nothing on assassinations of individuals opposed to fascist rule.

Nothing on contempt for the rule of law across the board by Kiev ruling authorities.

Straightaway after being introduced, interventionist Blinken recited his own litany of bald-faced Big Lies like always when delivering public remarks.

He began with a whopper.

Reinventing US-installed puppet Zelensky, a caricature of a leader, a powerless figure controlled by hegemon USA and neo-Nazis infesting the regime, Blinken defied reality as follows, saying:

He’s “a remarkable leader (sic).”

“He’s the embodiment of the Ukrainian people (sic)…” 

On whether US/NATO intends to supply the regime with warplanes, he said “we’re talking very actively about this (with) Poland.”

Ignored by Blinken is what I stressed in previous articles.

Russia controls the skies over Ukraine.

If hostile aircraft enter its airspace, they’ll be intercepted and downed swiftly.

On banning imports of Russian energy, Blinken said the US and other NATO regimes are “in very active discussions…about banning the import of Russian oil to our countries while, of course, at the same time, maintaining a steady global supply of oil.”

Curtailing imports of Russian oil and natural gas sent prices soaring.

They’ll likely go much higher if Russian energy exports to the West are banned altogether.

On Monday, crude oil reached $130 a barrel.

In Europe, natural gas prices topped $3,900 per 1,000 cubic meters, a record high likely to go higher if talk of banning Russian energy exports to the West continues.

Blinken saying that US/Western sanctions on Russia greatly harmed its economy ignored their harmful impact in the US and Europe to businesses and consumers.

Falsely calling Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine “aggression,” ignored what it’s all about and why.

Ignored as well by Blinken was forever US war on humanity at home and worldwide — in cahoots with subservient NATO regimes.

Asked whether the war-making alliance intends to impose a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace, Blinken correctly said it would mean East/West war — global war 3.0 that would risk humanity’s survival if nuclear weapons are used.

As for a possible diplomatic solution to ongoing conflict, it won’t end until Ukraine is demilitarized, until its war on Donbass ends, until its threat to Russia’s security is neutralized.

Achieving the latter objective requires deNazification of the country.

Russia also wants Ukraine’s sovereignty regained, free from foreign control — what was lost after the 2014 coup.

It wants a hostile state controlled by a foreign power along its border eliminated, an independent Ukraine replacing it.

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