Orwell’s Two Minutes of Hate Goes 24/7

Round-the-clock Russia bashing features managed news misinformation and disinformation fake news instead of the real thing.

Truth and full disclosure are nowhere in sight.

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents banned it.

Russia is falsely blamed for crimes of war and against humanity committee by Nazified Ukrainian forces.

Last week, cross-border shelling killed over 90 Donetsk residents, injuring more than 480 others.

Not a word of what happened appeared in MSM reports.

Instead rubbish like the following is featured:

“Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are without food, water or power.”

The above is true in cities controlled by Nazified battalions.

Terrorized and traumatized residents can’t leave home for fear of being shot on sight by their gunmen.

So they’re hunkered down in basements to survive as best as possible.

MSM ignore the above reality.

NYT fake news falsely accused Russia of “indiscriminate…shelling that trapped and traumatized Ukrainian civilians (sic).”

Military targets alone are struck by Russian forces.

Great care is taken to avoid civilian casualties — in stark contrast to how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates.

Russian forces could have taken control of Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities infested with Nazified Ukrainian hoodlums.

They’ve advanced slowly to keep civilians out of harm’s way.

Ones able to leave virtual entrapment are given warm food, clothing, medical care if needed and other help to ease their burden. 

According to NYT fake news, “Russia’s military stumble(d) (sic).”

“(T)he image of a Russian military as one that other countries should fear, let alone emulate, has been shattered (sic).”

“Ukraine’s military…managed to stymie its opponent (sic).”

“Ukraine has shot down military transport planes carrying Russian paratroopers (sic), downed helicopters (sic) and blown holes in Russia’s convoys (sic) using American anti-tank missiles and armed drones (sic).”

“The Russian soldiers have been plagued by poor morale as well as fuel and food shortages (sic).”

The above and similar fiction doesn’t rise to the level of a grade B Hollywood flop.

No “valiant Ukrainian resistance” exists.

Zelensky “an international hero?”

The US-installed puppet is out of the loop and uninvolved in what’s going on with no say over how Ukrainian forces operate, no decision-making authority.

Sanctions on Russia are hitting US/Western businesses and households hard — notably because of soaring energy, food and other costs.

Ukraine’s war machine was largely degraded in a few days.

Most of what remains is embedded in cities behind human shield civilians for protection.

Most Ukrainian weapons were destroyed. As new ones arrive to replace them, they’ll be eliminated the same way.

Russia is controlling the agenda.

What remains of Ukraine’s military is on the back foot.

It’s just a matter of time before it’s shattered beyond repair.

A previous article discussed plans by US dark forces for possible guerrilla war in Ukraine — with jihadists and other foreign nationals.

If things turn out this way, Ukrainian civilians will suffer most — in similar fashion to how Iraqi and Syrian noncombatants were greatly harmed by ISIS, Al Qaeda and other jihadists used by US/NATO regimes in their countries.

According to WaPo fake news, Vladimir Putin “defie(d) the laws of war (sic).”

No Russian “bombard(ment) (of) Ukrainian cities” occurred.

No “targeting of civilians.”

No attacks on “densely populated cities,” none on “schools, apartment buildings and hospitals.”

No “wanton destruction of property.”

No “war crimes” by its forces.

No “aggression.”

No UN Charter breach.

No assault on “Ukraine’s sovereignty” — what was lost when it became a Nazi-infested vassal state, a platform for endless Kiev aggression along Russia’s borders.

All of the above crimes apply to hegemon USA-dominated NATO, for raping and destroying one invented enemy nation after another.

For waging endless wars by hot and/or other means.

For seeking unchallenged global dominance by virtually every form of criminality and dirty trick imaginable…and then some.

Separately, WSJ editors love hyperinflation.

Based on how calculated pre-1990, producer price inflation at nearly 10% and CPI at 15.6% isn’t high enough.

So Journal editors suggested a ban on all Russian energy imports.

Biden regime Russophobes reportedly are considering this nuclear option.

No matter that if ordered, energy and other commodity prices would likely soar much higher than already.

Are Journal editors yearning for $200 – $300 hundred dollar a barrel oil?

At a record high of $3,600 per 1,000 cubic feet on Monday, is $5,000 to $6,000 or higher a Biden regime sanction on Russian energy across the board away, pushing Europe to go the same way?

The price of agricultural and other  commodities is soaring.

Businesses and consumers are increasingly hard-pressed.

US imperial policy bears full responsibility for what’s going on.

Expanding NATO to Russia’s borders in breach of the 1997 Founding Act, along with transforming Ukraine from democratic to Nazi-infested tyrannical rule led to today’s crisis.

Russia acted to defuse the major threat to its security, to end perpetual US proxy war along its borders.

When years of diplomacy with the US-dominated West failed, Russian tactics changed.

When Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified, when it no longer threatens Russia’s security, when perpetual war on its border ends, so will the ongoing special military operation.

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