FT Fake News War on Russia

Like other MSM, the UK-based Financial Times serves wealth, power and privileged interests to the exclusion of journalism as it should be.

When hegemon USA-dominated NATO goes to war on invented enemies, its editorial policy cheerleads what demands condemnation.

The FT has been hostile to Vladimir Putin for years.

In September 2014, months after the US Maidan coup in Kiev — followed by refusal of Crimeans and Donbass to accept fascist rule — the FT reinvented Europe’s preeminent leader as follows, saying:

“Russia (under Putin’s) leadership is both a tragedy and a menace (sic)…ruled by an amoral autocrat (sic)…a despot (sic).”

“For Europe and…the US, there is no greater foreign policy question than how to deal with today’s Russia (sic).”

“The west is not a threat to Russia (sic).”

“It has a vital interest in good relations with the country (sic).”

Putin’s “Russia is a perilous neighbor.”

The above rubbish gives yellow journalism a bad name.

Fast forwarding to Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign shows full-scale FT editorial war on Russia — based on Big Lies and mass deception.

Francis Fukuyama is a card-carrying war-mongering neocon, an FT favorite, along with likeminded extremists.

In a March 3 FT op-ed, he defied reality by accusing Vladimir Putin of waging “war on the (nonexistent Western) liberal order,” saying:

Illusory Western “democratic values were already under threat around the world” before Russia’s special military operation began.

It’s “a rollback of ‘Europe whole and free (sic).’ ”

US-dominated NATO’s world reflects “sheer force trampl(ing) over the rule of law and democratic rights.”

Characterizing Putin this way turned reality on its head.

A further Fukuyama litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed. Some examples:

“Putin made it clear that he wants to reassemble as much of the former Soviet Union as possible (sic).”

Claiming he wants to “incorporat(e) Ukraine into Russia and creat(e) a sphere of influence that extends through all of the eastern European states that joined Nato from the 1990s onwards (sic)” is worlds apart from reality.

The only “angry hornet’s nest (he) stirred up” is in Western capitals and Nazified Kiev.

Their ruling regimes abhor and don’t tolerate democratic freedoms,  “equal rights and dignity of individuals.”

They long ago abandoned the “rule of law and constitutional government.”

Public health, speech, media and academic freedoms are targeted for elimination by their ruling regimes.

Along with demonizing Russia under Vladimir Putin, Fukuyama aimed his venom at China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Nicaragua and other nations free from hegemon USA control.

“(R)evanshis(m)” applies to how US-dominated NATO operates, not Russia or the above named nations.

Nor are Ukrainians yearning to breathe free “rallying around” US-installed fascist rule in Kiev.

Fukuyama sounded daft calling US-installed puppet Zelensky a “courageous…model leader…a source of unity for a fractured nation (sic).”

“NATO emerged stronger than ever?”

A day’s earlier article on the rising price of imperial arrogance discussed the US-dominated West’s accelerated decline from its harebrained economic and financial war on Russia.

Fukuyama’s op-ed ignored Putin’s aims in Ukraine, not a word about why he ordered a special military operation — what I explained in earlier articles, along with quoting Putin in his own words.

Fukuyama instead falsely accused Putin of pursuing “imperialism (sic)” — at the same time ignoring 100s of years of the real thing by hegemon USA, Britain, France, Germany and other Western countries.

No “indiscriminate shelling” of Ukrainian cities is ongoing by Russia — the way US-dominated NATO operates.

“Ukrainians…fighting on behalf of all of us?”

After 8 years of US-installed fascist tyranny in Ukraine, their long-suffering people will have Russia to thank if the country is demilitarized, neNazified, and free at last from the scourge hegemon USA control.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, the FT falsely accused Russia of “bombard(ing) Ukrainian cities (sic).”

Falsely claimed that Kiev is letting civilians leave freely along humanitarian corridors established by Russia (sic).

Falsely accused Russia of “destroying cities (sic).”

Falsely accused Vladimir Putin of “unsettling the world economy (sic).”

Falsely claimed that Russian forces achieved no “significant breakthroughs (sic).”

Falsely claimed that their forces are “shelling…Kharkov, Chernihiv, Sumy and Mariupol (sic).”

Saying “(a)ttempts to evacuate civilians out of Ukrain(ian)” cities failed did not lay blame where it belongs.

On likely Biden regime orders, Nazified Ukrainian forces threatened to use live fire on civilians held as human shields if try to leave captivity for freedom.

Don’t expect the FT or other MSM to feature truth and full disclosure on major issues mattering most across the board.

Reporting sticks exclusively to the fabricated official narrative — suppressing whatever conflicts with it.

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