Russia Falsely Blamed for US, NATO, Ukraine Crimes

Russia continues making great efforts to protect civilian lives and well-being in Ukraine.

US-dominated NATO and vassal state Ukraine don’t give a damn about ordinary people in the country and it shows.

For days, Russia agreed on safeguarding humanitarian corridors for trapped Ukrainian citizens and foreign nationals to evacuate designated cities unharmed.

On Monday, Russia and Ukraine agreed to secure 10 humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave 5 cities safely.

Russia’s military fulfilled its obligation.

Kiev once again reneged.

One corridor alone managed to open.

Others were shelled by Nazified Ukrainian forces — likely ordered by dominant Biden regime hardliners as part of their attempt to foil Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification objectives.

As part of their 24/7 propaganda war on Russia — based on talking points supplied by US/Western regimes — MSM turned reality on its head.

NYT fake news blamed Russia for shelling corridors attacked by Kiev forces, falsely claiming:

“Russia continue(s) to bombard cities across Ukraine (sic)…kill(ing) hundreds of civilians (sic).”

Russian forces are targeting military sites exclusively.

No bombardment of cities and killing of civilians has gone on — a longstanding specialty of US/NATO regimes in all their wars of aggression against invented enemies, what the Times and other MSM wholeheartedly cheerlead.

According to WaPo fake news:

“Ukraine says Russia (is) thwarting wider civilian evacuations (sic).

“It was the fourth day in a row that Ukraine has accused Moscow of firing on routes used by civilians to flee the fighting (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite the above Big Lie.

The same goes for falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of seeking to “subjugate Ukraine (sic).”

Fake news claims about alleged Russian demands for trapped civilians in designated cities to be flown to the Russian Federation were refuted by Vladimir Medinsky, head of talks with Ukrainian officials in Belarus, saying:

If freed from virtual captivity at the hands of Nazified Kiev forces in Kharkov, Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities, they “can go north, south, east or west” at their discretion.

According to WSJ fake news:

“The civilian toll mounted (sic) as heavy fighting continued across Ukraine, and Russia obstructed efforts to flee violence in many cities (sic).”

Separately, hegemon USA-dominated NATO is going all-out to perpetuate forever war in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian by plans to provide its regime with more heavy and other weapons — for 

Russia to destroy.

The WSJ reported that “convoys (are) slipping into Ukraine via…back roads.”

The scheme has nothing to do with protecting or otherwise aiding the Ukrainian people.

It’s all about perpetuating war and its ravages, along with more greatly enriching US/Western weapons and munitions makers.

Congressional legislation reportedly authorizes over $13 billion in military funding for Kiev’s war machine.

The following presstitution reflects typical Times fake news on all things Russia and Ukraine:

“(D)efeat in Ukraine is Putin’s only option (sic).”

Vladimir Putin “underestimated Ukraine’s will to be independent and become part of the West (sic).” 

“He underestimated the will of many Ukrainians to fight (and die) for those goals (sic).” 

“He overestimated his own armed forces (sic).”

“He underestimated” the Biden regime’s response. 

The above is from Times presstitute Tom Friedman.

Journalism as it should be is banned in his fake news columns of all rubbish, all the time.

In a few days, Russian forces significantly degraded Kiev’s war machine.

It’s a shadow of what it was pre-Feb. 24 when Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign began.

Most of what remains is embedded in a handful of cities behind terrorized and traumatized civilians held as human shields.

It’s just a matter of time before these Nazified battalions are neutralized.

Russia’s campaign is slow-going to protect civilian lives — what the US, West and Kiev don’t give a damn about.

The only Ukrainians resolved to keep fighting are nationalist extremists — neo-Nazis.

What Friedman and other MSM presstitutes should explain, they suppress.

What they report is based on the fabricated official narrative — rubbish that excludes truth and full disclosure.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry reported evidence that shows Ukrainian bio-labs were developing components of bioweapons — “under the auspices of US special services,” adding:

What’s now known “changes the picture of (hegemon USA’s) involvement in Ukraine.”

The US and Kiev regimes are “a direct threat to” the security of Russia and its people.

On Monday, Russia discover 30 bio-labs in Ukraine — likely involved in developing and producing banned bioweapons.

Russia’s discovery in the country’s east and east/central areas suggests that other Kiev regime bio-labs likely operate elsewhere — funded by the US.

Read further at Stephen Lendman

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