LGBTQ activists host ‘non-binary’ sex ed summer camp for children

from The Post Millennial:

Elementary-aged children at the “non-binary” sex education summer camp will witness a condom demonstration as part of the week-long event’s activities.

A summer camp in Indianapolis, Indiana, devoted to sex education for third-grade through fifth-grade children is organized by an “inclusive sexuality educator” who advocates for minors to “explore” condom usage, “kinks,” and pornography.

The sex education-themed event set to take place from June 6 – 10 at Half Liter BBQ & Beer Hall is billed as an exclusive summer camp for students in third grade through fifth grade, according to the password-protected Eventbrite page.


Acording to the event flyer, the summer camp is further described as “Affirming, non-binary, body-positive, social emotional learning through play.”
“Sex Ed Summer Camp (for grades 3-5)” event flyer
The camp’s “Our Whole Lives curriculum” offers “a positive, affirming take on puberty, human sexuality, and social emotional skills without coercive abstinence-based strategies,” the program’s All Events Indiana page details.
Kids at the summer camp will not be divided by gender when learning about puberty and sex, according to the FAQs section, because gender “is a spectrum and not a binary.” In addition, kids will see a condom demonstration: “At this age, kids are primed for level-headed learning. They are information-gatherers. There is no shame or ickiness associated with using bandaids and that same philosophy is applied to condoms and other barriers in this body-positive curriculum.”
Meanwhile, the current meta description for the Eventbrite link’s social media card reads: “Consent. Communication. Personal empowerment. Boundary setting. Emotional IQ. All the things kids NEED to learn that school doesn’t teach.”
Regular registration for the week-long 8 am – 5 pm sex ed summer camp costs parents an eye-popping $250, according to the colorful event graphic.
All families participating in the event must attend an orientation on May 28 where parents will sign “behavior agreements,” enrollment paperwork, and waivers.

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