An Example of Trash the NYT Calls News Fit to Print

The self-styled newspaper of record finds new ways to disgrace and discredit itself.

On bioweaponized kill shots designed to destroy health and shorten lifespans, the Times heavily promoted them since before their December 2020 rollout.

It continues going all-out to convince maximum numbers of people to self-inflict irreparable harm in cahoots with US/Western dark forces, their anti-public health handmaidens, and Pharma profiteers.

Geopolitically, it relentlessly wages propaganda war on all nations free from US control. 

It’s waging unprecedented editorial war on Russia and Vladimir Putin personally — by making stuff up.

Most everything it reported on flu/covid, Russia and other nations free from US control has been fake news.

Nary a kernel of truth and full disclosure shows up in its reports — based on US-supplied misinformation and disinformation talking points.

Turning truth on its head about Russia surpassed the worst of its fake news about other US invented enemies.

Pouring out daily 24/7, one of many examples turned truth on its head on the following issues in one fake news article, saying the following:

1. “After Russian shellings killed Ukrainian civilians (sic), Russia blamed ‘neo-Nazis.’ ”

2. “After a nuclear facility caught fire (sic), Russians claimed they were protecting it.”

3. “After Russia shelled a residential neighborhood (sic), Russians claimed Ukrainians did it.”

4. “After attacks bloodied civilians, Russians called injured Ukrainians crisis actors.”

According to the Times, Nazified Ukraine is fake news, saying:

“Neo-Nazis have been a recurring character in Russian propaganda campaigns for years (sic), used to falsely justify military action (sic) against Ukraine in what Russian officials have called ‘denazification.’ ” 

“Those claims have only continued during the conflict, (including) about ‘heavy weapons in apartment buildings, while some residents are forcibly kept in their homes,’ providing no evidence (sic).”

Evidence abounds. 

The Times and other MSM disgraced themselves by coverup and denial on all things Ukraine.

It’s gone on from the run-up to the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup d’etat to the present day. 

In late 2013, early 2014, the Times and other MSM rewrote events in Kiev’s Maidan.

They suppressed facts on the ground about the Obama/Biden regime coup, its elimination of Ukrainian democracy, Nazified hoodlums replacing it.

Not a word was reported about putschist snipers overlooking the Maidan.

Nothing about how they gunned down police and others — falsely blaming what happened on the soon to be ousted Yanukovych government.

Damning remarks by Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet were ignored, saying:

“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.”

“All the evidence shows” they were shooting at people from both sides. 

They targeted police and protesters. Yanukovych was wrongfully blamed.

Around 100 people were killed, 900 others injured — while empire of lies neocon Victoria Nuland handed out cookies.

Expressing frustration over EU “inaction and indecision” at the time, she was heard on You Tube roaring: “F..k the EU.”

A US Kiev embassy spokeswoman had no comment.

Then-State Department spokeswoman Psaki downplayed what happened.

When pressed on Nuland’s obscenity, she falsely claimed that the Tube Tube tape was “inauthentic,” adding:

“We can leave it at that.”

Paet blamed putschists for cover-up.

Indisputable evidence proved him right.

Neo-Nazi hitmen were involved — likely recruited by the CIA.

Former Ukrainian Security Service head Aleksander Yakimenko confirmed Paet’s assessment, saying:

“Shots came from the Philharmonic Hall.”

“Snipers and people with automatic weapons were ‘working’ from this building.” 

“They supported the assault on the Interior Ministry forces on the ground who were already demoralized and had, in fact, fled.” 

“When the first wave of shootings ended, many witnessed 20 people leaving the building.”

They were carrying military-style bags used for sniper and assault rifles with optical sights.

Many witnesses saw them. 

Foreign elements were likely involved. 

Perhaps CIA, US special forces, and secret service operatives.

What happened was planned in advance. 

“These were the forces that carried out everything that they were told by their leadership – the United States,” Yakimenko stressed.

Maidan leaders practically lived at Washington’s Kiev embassy for weeks before the coup, he added. 

None of the above was reported by the Times or other MSM.

The same goes for suppressing facts on the ground about the May 2014 Odessa massacre.

US-supported Nazified Right Sector thugs massacred and wounded 100s of defenseless victims in Odessa’s trade union building and outside — accountability nowhere in sight to this day.

What happened was planned in advance, perhaps with Obama/Biden regime involvement.

Conspiring with Nazified thugs, police failed to intervene.

They stood aside while anti-coup victims were gunned down, strangled, bludgeoned, and hacked to death with axes.

Others were thrown alive to their death from windows.

Eyewitness survivors explained what happened on that day of infamy.

Most Ukrainians in the trade union building perished. 

Most able to exit alive were murdered outside — by neo-Nazi thugs, greatly valued and supported by the Obama/Biden regime.

Official accounts suppressed what happened, notably by MSM.

The NYT was complicit with the coverup.

Calling victims “pro-Russia,” the Times falsely accused them of “carry(ing) bowie knives (during) clashes involving bats, pistols and firebombs (sic).”

Hundreds killed or wounded were defenseless unarmed civilians, what the Times and other establishment MSM suppressed.

The US-installed Kiev regime whitewashed what happened.

A conspiracy of silence in the West de facto endorsed 8 years of Poroshenko and Zelensky regime tyrannical rule and atrocities — including against four million Donbass residents and Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens.

On Times fake news about the other issues listed above, Russian forces indeed were protecting the  Zaporozhye nuclear power plant when Nazified Ukrainian thugs attacked them.

They bear full responsibility for a blaze at the NPP’s training facility.

Russia’s campaign is all about demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

Great care has been taken to minimize civilian casualties.

No Russian shelling of residential neighborhoods occurred — what’s standard practice by US/NATO wars of aggression on invented enemies.

No Russian attacks “bloodied civilians.”

Indisputable evidence documented 8 years of attacks by Ukrainian forces on Donbass residential areas.

Many thousands were killed, countless others injured, homes destroyed and lives wrecked.

MSM ignored what’s gone on since April 2014, reporting nothing about what they consider non-people.

Virtually everything reported by the Times and other MSM on Ukraine has been fake news.

The same goes for Russia’s campaign to liberate the country from the scourge of US/Western support for Nazified fascist tyranny.

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