Western Media have lost the plot with their Ukraine coverage

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Western mainstream media outlets have put professionalism in the trash and began to serve as fully fledged propaganda outlets for the Ukrainian military and NATO’s cause.

We have all witnessed the unprecedented moves taken by Western countries, resulting in the outright banning of Russian media outlets throughout Europe and the United Kingdom for example.

Anti-Russian sentiment is now at an all time high. As an example, in Vancouver (Canada) a Russian community center was attacked and vandalized with Ukrainian flag colored paint. The incident happened shortly prior to the arrival of over 100 school students and according to staff, 80% of the members there are actually Ukrainian. The incident roughly resembles the ignorance of Westerners who defaced Hindu and Sikh places of worship, mistaking them for being Mosques, rampant during the US-led war on Iraq in 2003. In addition to this, in places like the UK and elsewhere in NATO member States, sports teams will enter the pitch wearing Ukrainian flags, the flags will be handed out to fans in the crowd and the military will even be present at the stadium, as a symbolic show of solidarity. Liz Truss, the UK’s foreign secretary, even stated that she has no problem with UK citizens breaking the country’s own law by going to fight in Ukraine against Russia.

We could go on for days about the blatant anti-Russian action taken by NATO member States. By violating their own laws, they are throwing away any semblance of them being the freedom-loving, principled democracies they claim to be. However, none of this would be accepted to begin with if it wasn’t for the media apparatus of NATO member nations doing all the dirty work.

In the United States, according to Reuters, 74% of Americans polled say they want a no-fly zone enforced in Ukraine, a position even the US government claims not to support. It is unlikely that the polled Americans expressing support for such an action even know what a no-fly zone truly means in this context, or its potential consequences, but nonetheless they are convinced it is the “right thing to do.” A no-fly zone means that NATO will officially be at war with Russia. Shooting down Russian aircraft (or the threat to do so, as with a no-fly-zone) is a direct military action against Moscow. It is not yet apparent whether the poll is actually an accurate representation of American opinion, however, anecdotal evidence would suggest that many Westerners support the policy.

For the past few weeks, mainstream Western media, from Fox News to CNN, have continued to push the pro-war and pro-Ukrainian military line. Although the whole premise of the anti-Russian sentiment is that this is “Putin’s War of aggression”, the Western public doesn’t seem to see the irony in advocating for more war while claiming to be “anti-war”. This pro-war position has been accompanied by some of the most cringeworthy support for, and even the hyper-sexualization of, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky has apparently now been “in the trenches” in Ukraine for weeks, yet all the photos shown have quickly been proven false. Zelensky as also allegedly survived three attempted assassinations and is praised as the bravest man on earth.

In the United Kingdom, the BBC (Britain’s State broadcaster), has been for years held up as the most objective and non-biased media outlet in the country. Every journalist is told they should aspire to act with the same level of professionalism as its journalists, and although the BBC has long lied to the British public, never has its work been so unprofessional. It now all but directly glorifies violence against Russian troops, openly advocates for the Ukrainian military and blindly publishes anything that supports the Ukrainian governments narrative — or perhaps NATO’s narrative is a better way of describing it.

A BBC Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, even put out a photo on Twitter describing — in the Ukrainian language — where to throw molotov cocktails at Russian military vehicles in order to hit their weak spots. This was not posted in a way as to describe what was being distributed on the ground and he did not even correct his post, which appears as a clear guide to violence. BBC journalists will quickly get fired or swapped out of a conflict zone for taking a side in a conflict in places like Iraq or perhaps Gaza, but in this case there was no punishment whatsoever for what seems to be a call to violence. Imagine a BBC journalist tweeted such a picture during one of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, which directed Palestinians on where to throw molotov cocktails in order to burn to death Israeli soldiers inside their military vehicles. Would they still have a job? It would be very likely they’d be interrogated and calls would be made for terrorism charges.

The Telegraph has put out its own graphics, glorifying molotov cocktails being thrown by Ukrainians at Russian vehicles, whilst Sky News filmed people making them in what seemed like a lesson on how to make your own. Interestingly, the claims being made by Western media that these petrol bombs will easily destroy tanks is just a flat out lie. I have seen — with my own eyes — military vehicles hit from all sides with multiple molotov cocktails and it doesn’t even put a dent in the vehicle.

There are many other examples I could choose to reference here of the blatant bias of mainstream Western press, in fact you need only turn on your television, phone, or other device to see more examples, because they are constant. What is now apparent is that professionalism, journalistic integrity, and at least an attempt at being neutral is completely dead in Western media. Despite our own opinions coming through, because there will always be bias, it is a journalist’s job to at least strike some sort of balance and remain objective, but this is no longer even a consideration for these outlets. It is the media which are whipping up the anti-Russian sentiment, the media which dupe people into believing war propaganda. Ultimately, without this disgraceful propaganda machine behind the Western empire, it would not be able to get away with its crimes, including doubling down against Russia and fighting this war until the last drop of Ukrainian blood is spilled — because they won’t dare do it themselves. This whole thing is starting to look like some sort of ritual, where Westerners cheer on the Ukrainians who are being sacrificed, and because of the media in the West, the public is woefully ignorant to what is truly transpiring.

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