Dark Journalist and Elana Freeland Transhumanist Killswitch Nanotech and the Eighth Sphere

Elana Freeland has been way ahead of the curve, for years, showing us the incremental program of transhumanism.

I’ve been writing about Elana Freeland since 2015 and she’s back here with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for an in-depth conversation about MKULTRA, interdimensional beings, synthetic biology and the Globalist Internet of Things and -Bodies and her breakthrough new book, ‘Geoengineered Transhumanism’.

Elana’s remarkable scientific and esoteric work connects major military operations of global control and goes inside the electromagnetic lockdown of the Space Fence and the Nano World Order.

She shows us the rising landscape of technological control, DNA patents and how humanity is to be neurologically directed toward a transhumanist future unless we wake up now.

The occult influence of Ahriman and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, mystery schools and the Eighth Sphere are also covered and much more.

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