WATCH: Massachusetts Firefighters Rescue Black Lab from Frigid Waters

Video captured the moment firefighters in Massachusetts rescued a black lab from frigid waters Thursday after she fell through the ice on a pond.

The pup named Jasmine and her owner, Julie Collura, were at Cat Rock Park in Weston when Jasmine wandered onto thin ice and fell into the water, WCVB reports.

“Your first reaction, you want to go out there,” Collura told the outlet. “I knew there was no way. I would break the ice as well.”

 Julie called 911, and the Weston Fire Department (WFD) quickly responded to the scene, the WFD said in a Facebook release. 

Video of the rescue, captured by Collura, shows Jasmine at the edge of the ice as a firefighter wearing a yellow cold-water suit begins making his way towards her. 

Posted by Weston Fire Dept on Thursday, March 10, 2022

Once he reaches the black lab, the ice gives way and he falls through, the video shows. He then lifts her onto the ice and she makes her way to shore where she happily greets the rest of the rescue team, video shows. The firefighter then pulls himself onto the ice and walks to safety.  

Posted by Weston Fire Dept on Thursday, March 10, 2022

The department said Collura “did the right thing” by calling 911 instead of attempting to rescue Jasmine herself.

“You should NEVER try to rescue on your own because you could easily become another victim yourself. Jasmine is back home safe with her owner!” the WFD wrote.

The rescue comes just two months after a woman fell through the ice of a New Jersey lake after successfully saving her dogs who had fallen through first, Breitbart News reported. Thankfully, she was rescued by Hopewell Township first responders.

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