Fake-Raine: citizen journalism at its best

Fake-Raine: One Man’s Trip Through the Hollywood Movie Set We Know as Ukraine

By Rhoda Wilson on March 12, 2022 • ( 20 Comments )

Earlier this month wanting to document the truth about Ukraine, Lez LuTHOR, a self-described illusion warfare correspondent, took it upon himself to make the trip.  And as any good war correspondent would, he has been posting regular reports, a diary of his trip to Ukraine, on twitter to keep folks at home updated.

This is citizen journalism at its best.

Lez left the UK for Ukraine on 3 March. He explained in a tweet his videos are purposefully 24 or sometimes 48 hours behind because “I’m getting death threats and was walking around a city under martial law.” 

At the time of writing, he was still posting updates from Ukraine.  He tweeted: “I was meant to leave today 11/3, but I’m still around, if I can crowd source funding I’ll stay.” 

Keep up to date with Lez’s journey HERE

Another source, although we are unable to vouch for their authenticity, is live traffic camera feeds from Ukraine – Kyiv, Kiev, Kijów, Lviv border – as embedded below and HERE.

Multi Ukraine Cameras from Kyiv Kiev Kijów Lviv border LIVE

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Lez’s first twitter thread began on 5 March 2022.

Lez LuTHOR: Illusion Warfare Report

Danny Boy Limerick has backed up this thread with its videos HERE.  So, below we will simply include the text of individual tweets and an image representing the accompanying video as a placeholder.  Then we pick up Lez’s subsequent tweets.

Illusion Warfare Report by Lez LuTHOR

Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine.

Join me as I LARP my way onto the Hollywood movie set we know as Ukraine.

Will the matrix allow me to peak behind the curtains of a manufactured and manipulated world staged event?

The Journey begins … On the 3/3 I took a flight from Luton, England to Krakow, Poland.

Via Poland seemed the easiest way into the Ukraine.

Note: all the 33’s. 

For the rest of this article please go to source link below.

Video can be accessed at source link below.

Read further at Nexus Newsfeed

One thought on “Fake-Raine: citizen journalism at its best

  • March 14, 2022 at 20:51

    Thank You For The Mention, I will be sure to update this web page as regularly as feasible for me and lifestyle permits. There is so much more to the story.


    The staged and fabricated war is merely more of the same psyops (Covid19) and trojan horse for the united nations to go full steam ahead with their “Goals” (under the guise of humanitarian activities and “Sustainability”) The Goal is the United Nations Agenda 2021 and Now Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21 beefed up on steroids) which include, but are not limited to “Justifiable” Migration Replacement, Population Management, (Depopulation), Population Reallocation , The Kalergi Plan , One World Government, Hyper inflation , World Poverty, Massive Transfer Of Wealth, One World Religion, Just To Mention A Few, I set up a website during the pandemic to expose the Covid Psyops which coincidentally and not surprisingly lead to further research.

    I am trying not get as much of my findings onto my website which is proving difficult given that it’s still Teraabytes of information, even after filtering out all the QAnon, ‘Anon intel coup’ (Modern day gestapo) Nazi Propaganda and New Aged Lucis Trust Paganism (One World Religion) dressed up in a lovely “Red Pill” party dress coated with a wonderful and mystic “Enlightenment” and “Ascension” and pretty “Lightworker” bow on top. Which of course is ALL utter Bollox. It’s 99 truths to sell the one big fat great lie.


    The Actual Truth Will Prevail Though.

    Anyway have a great day, and remember “It’s what we make of our days that count, We have no control over the rest of the shit going on, all we can do is play our parts in that and try to help in any way(s) that we can”. Knowledge is king.

    Danny Boy


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