Truth-Telling About Health Destroying Flu/Covid Jabs by a Physician

What’s explained below by an anonymous physician (AP below) is summed up by the following conclusion, saying:

“We are witnessing an unprecedented, comprehensive failure of policy, medicine and science.” 

“The world will never be the same.”

Documenting adverse reactions over the past year, AP said the following:

“(F)rom day 1, (AP) noticed the toxicity was worse than reported by Pfizer’s study but in line with my expectations.”

The more jabs gotten, the greater the irreparable harm.

“(R)eactions to the second shot were almost always much more severe than the first” — harm from boosters worst of all.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the self-inflicted harm.

“(E)ven if I was powerless to change anything, I had a duty to bear witness to what was occurring and document what I encountered.”

Other “physicians I’ve spoken to who have practices that cater to (jab) injured individuals…report the same (adverse events) I have personally witnessed.”

“I have also seen numerous cases of severe injuries happening to a husband and wife.”

They include jab-induced:

Strokes, likely Strokes and Blood Clots


Heart Conditions

Sudden Death (unknown cause)

Anaphylaxis and Allergies

Other Neurological Conditions


Autoimmunity and Chronic Fatigue

Immune Suppression and Cancer

Menstrual Irregularities and Miscarriages

Birth Defects

Miscellaneous, including vertigo, joint pain, severe injection site pain, overall weakness, wobbliness, becoming non-ambulatory, mental fog, recurrent pneumonia, nervous system damage, and more.

“(W)e have been seeing a large influx of young patients with strokes (and have never previously seen patients in this age group with strokes).”

“My mother in a nursing home received the (jab), had a stroke and died.”

“My father is a mid 70s male who had excellent memory.”

“He used to have excellent memory.”  

“Since he got the 2nd (jab), his long-term memory significantly declined, and rather than having crystal clear memory he often can’t remember things.” 

After booster-jabbed, he “was so dizzy, he could only crawl to the bathroom and was super fatigued throughout the week.”  

AP listed scores and scores of examples from personal experience of adverse reactions from jabs to include death — affecting friends, patients and family members.

AP’s account was very painful reading. 

It documents how kill shots destroy health and lives to individuals in all age groups from all walks of life.

“(C)hronic effects are increasing with time, and the only way I can describe (them) is that it seems like a Tsunami is building,” AP stressed.

Flu/covid jabs are infinitely more harmful than flu shots.

“(F)ever, myalgia, swollen lymph nodes and injection site soreness in the days following vaccination” are commonplace.

More disturbing symptoms include “serious tinnitus, heightened blood pressure, chest pains, irregular menstrual bleeding and shortness of breath…Bell’s Palsy…muscular tremors…miscarriages… myocarditis and stroke.”

Time and again, people were mass-jabbed “to death.”

Many individuals discussed by AP were “jabbed under duress.”

Some “accepted (jabs) to end medical surveillance or win back some freedom of movement.”

“Most often, people gave in to keep their jobs or to appease insistent family members.” 

“Some parents (got jabbed) so that they could attend school events involving their children.”

“Other people wanted to see elderly relatives in the hospital or care homes.”

A professor wrote AP the following:

Since mass-jabbing began, “students have been much sicker more often than I’ve ever experienced” in classrooms before.

“We held classes in person last semester (hybrid), and there was no problem with sickness — similar to my other years as a prof.” 

“This year it’s been sick kid after sick kid” after sick kid with no end of it.

A Final Comment

I’ve cited and quoted UK-based Dr. Vernon Coleman’s truth-telling straight talk many times.

On Friday, he said the following:

“It’s now time to arrest the guilty doctors who gave” flu/covid jabs, adding:

“Most of those doctors gave the jabs without properly explaining the hazards and without properly following the patients who were, after all, taking part in an experiment.”

“Doctors have a long, sad history of performing experiments on patients.”

“During World War II, the Pentagon tested mustard gas on American soldiers and in the 1960s, Agent Orange was tested on prisoners.”

Rushed to market flu/covid jabs are “experimental” and extremely hazardous.

Their dangerous side effects have been well-documented — yet ignored in high places and by MSM involved in promoting them.

Most often, doctors haven’t warned patients of jab-related hazards.

“No doctor should give a (jab) of any kind without obtaining informed consent.” 

“But doctors did not inform their patients of the dangers.” 

“And they did not obtain proper consent.” 

“They were breaking the medical rules and they were breaking the law.”

Below is part of a message I received from one of my doctors last year:

“(I)t appears that all (jabs) (Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J) are effective in reducing the risk of hospitalization and deaths due to the (flu/covid) virus (sic).”  

“The (jabs) remain our single, most effective, tool against this virus (sic).”

“If you are (jabbed) and boosted, you are even further protected (sic).”

“Please get (jabbed) if you have not (sic).”  

“Get a booster if you have not done that (sic).”

The above advice is anti-science. It’s health-destroying, not protecting. 

In February 2021, Coleman made a video, titled:

“Doctors and Nurses Giving (flu/covid jabs should) be tried as War Criminals.”

“There is no longer any doubt that (flu/covid) jabs are deadly and incredibly dangerous.” 

“It is no exaggeration to describe them as poisons.”

“Doctors who gave or recommended (flu/covid) jabs must be reported to their licensing body, and they should lose their licenses.”

“And those doctors should be arrested, tried and imprisoned.”

“Bribed with huge fees, they failed their patients.”

“They failed the profession and they failed society.”

Read further at Stephen Lendman

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