Brook Jackson Interview – Pfizer Reveals Concerns With ‘Data Integrity’ Vindicating Previous Claims

Joining me today is Brook Jackson, the whistleblower who sat down with The Last American Vagabond for her first video interview on December 2, 2021, to expose serious data integrity issues during the Pfizer trial for the COVID-19 injection, and providing all the source material to prove her claims. During our last interview Brook discussed her previous job as a Regional Manager for Ventavia Research Group — the company hired by Pfizer to conduct the trial — and how she witnessed egregious violations of safety, protocol, required observation times, etc. This drove her to report the issues with the intention of bettering the trial and its data integrity, as any honest manager would do (the alternative being to ignore the issues and move on?). Today, Brook joins me once again to discuss what has happened since our last talk; attacks, censorship, hit pieces, threats, and possibly, vindication?


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Our Previous Interview (Highly Recommend Watching This First)

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