Empire of Lies Russia Bashing on Propaganda TV

US propaganda TV operates as a virtual state-sponsored ministry of fake news.

Press agent reporting substitutes for journalism as it should be, the real thing formally banned.

No furnaces exist. No ceremonial book-burnings occur.

Truth and full disclosure are rhetorically “whirled away” by suppressing what’s essential for everyone to know.

State-approved rubbish alone is featured — censorship the order of the day.

US/Western television viewers are mind-manipulated to believe that hot is cold, black is white, sunrises occur in the West, reality is fiction and vice versa.

Ruling regimes have final say on what’s publicly reported. MSM salute and obey.

Operating as a virtual 4th branch of government, they’re willing accomplices in controlling the message.

Whatever conflicts with the fabricated official narrative gets no airtime, no matter how true.

On Sunday, wall-to-wall Russia bashing infested so-called Sunday talk shows, militant Russophobes featured.

The Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor Sullivan showed up on multiple shows to fill viewers’ minds with hate-mongering mush on all things Russia.

Before introducing him to recite his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies whenever on air or in other public remarks, CBS News turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“(T)here are serious concerns in the intelligence community about Vladimir Putin introducing chemical weapons” against Ukraine (sic).

What’s longstanding US practice in virtually all its wars of aggression against invented enemies — as well as use of biological, radiological and other banned weapons — not a shred of evidence suggests that Russia operates in similar fashion.

Just the opposite is going on in Ukraine, great care taken by Russian forces to avoid civilian casualties.

When areas are liberated from the scourge of US-installed, Nazi-infested fascist tyranny, Russia supplies food, clothing, medical care as needed, and other essentials to Ukrainians, including captured soldiers.

In response to reports about the death of photojournalist Brent Renaud in Ukraine — fake news claims of being “shot dead” by Russian forces, implying cold-blooded murder — Sullivan hyperventilated as follows, saying:

The Biden regime will “determine how this happened and then to measure and execute appropriate consequences as a result of it (sic).”

Ignored was the following weekend news from Saudi Arabia’s so-called press agency, saying:

Its ruling regime announced that 81 Saudis were beheaded on a single day.

Claiming individuals were “convicted of terrorism and capital crimes” was code language for exercising free expression in a kingdom that bans it.

For other so-called “crimes” of human rights activism, dissent against despotic rule, and support for the rule of law over kingdom ruthlessness.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s head-chopping, public whippings capital in a nation where virtually every imaginable human right abuse is commonplace.

With Russia-bashing featured by MSM 24/7, dozens of Saudi beheadings in a single day was considered non-news.

Nor have MSM reported on years of Saudi terror-bombing massacres of civilians in Yemen, its genocidal campaign against their long-suffering people.

Nor did they report evidence of mass graves in Donbass — an attempt by Kiev forces to conceal mass slaughter of civilians and militia freedom fighters earlier.

Nor was anything reported about the following:

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Nazified Ukrainian forces “carried out an act of sabotage at the Avdeyevsky Coke and Chemical Plant in the Donetsk Region.” 

“A fire erupted as a result of their act of sabotage, and it currently emanates an acrid and toxic smoke that keeps spreading over the nearby residential areas.”

“It is impossible to put out the fire at the moment due to continuing combat actions.”

In stark contrast to evidence of Nazified Ukrainian battalions use of banned white phosphorous as a weapon of war, Sullivan turned truth on its head as follow, saying:

“(T)he Russians are getting ready to” use chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine (sic).

“(T)hey will pay a severe price” if use them.

No evidence suggests that Russia will replicate what’s longstanding US practice against invented enemies — nothing to suggest an intention to use WMDs.

Yet according to Sullivan’s bald-faced Big Lie:

Vladimir “Putin is resorting to the possibility of extreme tactics like the use of chemical weapons (sic) is because he’s frustrated because his forces aren’t advancing (sic).” 

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained that over 3,700 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities were rendered inoperable so far.

On Sunday alone, Russian warplanes struck 46 Ukrainian military facilities and numerous other military related targets.

What remains of Ukraine’s military is largely embedded in residential neighborhoods behind civilians as human shields.

All of the above and what’s related to it is considered non-news in the US/West, including by rogue elements like Sullivan.

Showing that the Biden regime wants endless war along Russia’s borders, not resolution, he said that the US/West will continue pouring weapons into Ukraine.

Saying that they’re “making a significant difference in helping the Ukrainians defend themselves” ignored reality on the ground.

At the same time, he threatened Biden regime aggression against Russia, saying:

“If there is a military attack on NATO territory it would cause the invocation of Article 5, and we would bring the full force of the NATO alliance to bear in responding to it.”

“All I will say is that if Russia attacks, fires upon, takes a shot at NATO territory, the NATO alliance would respond to that.”

No Russian attack on NATO territory occurred, no evidence of anything planned.

Ukrainian military targets alone have been targeted — significantly degrading the regime’s war machine.

Over the weekend, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned the US-dominated West, saying:

“(P)umping weapons from a number of (NATO) countries (into Ukraine) is not just a dangerous move, it is a move that turns these convoys into legitimate targets.”

Russia is able to locate and target them with precision accuracy.

Separately on Monday, a 4th round of talks are scheduled to be held between Russian and Ukrainian officials — reportedly by video link.

Previous rounds achieved nothing.

Nor was anything accomplished during Sergey Lavrov’s meeting with his so-called Ukrainian counterpart Kuleba.

Kiev has no say over all things related Russia.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners control its policymaking.

As long as they want war perpetuated, perhaps it’ll continue to the last Ukrainian foot soldier.

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