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Reader Post | By June Ann

Tesla BioHealing/Cancer

Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices are a breakthrough technology, with the capability of harnessing a field of pure Life Force Energy. Life Force Energy is the essential vital force of nature acknowledged in many ancient traditions and even today in modern science. Life Force Energy has been known as Chi in China, Parana in India, and in scientific communities, it is commonly referred to as Scalar Waves or Tesla Waves.

Nikola Tesla created technology that proved the existence of Life Force Energy (hence the name Tesla Waves) and discovered how to harness the Life Force Energy that is naturally occurring in the environment. Our cells need this Life Force Energy to be as healthy as possible, but similar to how oxygen is also found in nature and our cells need it to be as healthy as possible, the typical concentration of oxygen found in the environment is not enough to be used for therapeutic purposes. If you need to deliver oxygen therapeutically it needs to be concentrated, and the same thing is true of Life Force Energy. Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices act as amplifiers to create a concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy. Essentially these devices are creating their own environment, and as long as you are within this environment, or amplified Tesla Wave field, your cells will be able to uptake this vital force of nature as needed, utilizing as much as Life Force as necessary for optimal cellular support and functioning.

Life Force Energy is what we are made of and what nourishes our body at a cellular level. The more Life Force Energy our cellular structures have available, the more they are able to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms. The body is incredibly intelligent.

Each of our 5 trillion cells are like batteries with a store of energy. When we were born all our cells were fully charged to the optimal 70 to 90 millivolts. As we age, or when there is illness or stress, or toxins in the body, our cells become depleted in energy. What do we say when a battery loses its charge? We say the battery is dead. The same with cells. When their energy is low the cells are weak and when they lose their charge, they die. A cancer cell has very low energy but instead of dying they multiply mutated cells exponentially in an effort to stay alive. When you return cancer cells to the optimal 70 to 90 millivolts, they can stop multiplying! Once cells are restored to their full energetic vitality, they go to work, doing what they do best, repairing DNA, producing ATP, the body’s energy molecule, and reproducing healthy copies of themselves. It may be said that old age, sickness, and death is caused by cells dying faster than the body can reproduce healthy vital cells. Anti-aging, then, is simply when vibrant cells reproduce faster than unhealthy cells are dying. Energy permeates our world, our universe, and all people, down to our cells, our molecules, and all atoms. Our energy field is the collective sum of the energy of each of our trillions of cells. The body and its energy field are like an orchestra playing a symphony. If each instrument is tuned to the same scale, there is coherence, resonance, order, and harmony. If, instead, the tuning is off, the result will be dissonant and disharmonious, creating chaos, disorder, and dis-ease.

A User writes:

Bone Cancer & Autoimmune Disease

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Good Health To Us All

June Ann


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