Pharmaceutical giant Gilead spent $259 million bribing doctors and hospitals to push deadly drugs on patients

(Natural News) Between 2013 and 2019, American pharmaceutical corporation Gilead spent at least $259 million bribing doctors and hospitals to promote the company’s drugs, many of which cause serious side effects and death.

According to reports, $178 million went directly into doctors’ pockets while another $81 million was funneled into hospitals across the United States that were encouraged to push Gilead products on patients.

In 2019 alone, the data shows, Gilead paid off as many as 21,833 physicians to prescribe the company’s drugs to their patients.

Gilead also launched a $3.3 billion hepatitis C elimination project in the state of Georgia that has reportedly killed at least 249 enrolled patients, according to leaked documents obtained by Arms Watch.

The cause of death of some of the patients was reported as “unknown” in confidential Gilead reports. Other patients became so seriously ill taking whatever Gilead was giving them as “treatment” that they had to withdraw – and some of the folks who withdrew later died.

Gilead has been pushing its hepatitis C drug “Harvoni” not just in the U.S. but also in Canada and Portugal. In all of these countries, patients are dying from the drug, according to data obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Despite the severe side effects from these Gilead hepatitis C antivirals the pharmaceutical company has listed none of them so that patients can make their informed decision,” Arms Watch reports.

“Instead, Gilead has paid kickbacks to doctors to prescribe these drugs without patients being informed about the possible risks.”


Gilead currently under investigation for illegally funneling kickbacks to US health care providers to boost sales

Sealed court documents reveal that Gilead may not get away with these crimes against humanity. Authorities are said to be investigating the company for the illegal kickbacks it has been funneling to health care providers across America in order to boost sales.

Arms Watch says it has received emails from several patients who became seriously injured after taking Harvoni. Some of the emails also came from family members and friends of people who died from the Gilead drug.

“My wife died because of Hep C medicine (poison) called Harvoni,” one such email reads. “The pharmaceutical (company) Gilead is denying that their medicine caused her death.”

“They are only interested in the dollars they are making from a +1000 dollar pill. My wife was prescribed 85 pills (93000 dollars). These people are killing and destroying families with their greed for profits. Be careful with GILEAD medication.”

That same email goes on to explain that Gilead drugs cause weakened bones, memory fog, nausea, diarrhea, teeth and hair loss, hearing impairment, heart problems, liver and kidney failure, and so much more.

“They have new medicine for people with HIV called Biktarvy, and for HIV prevention called Descovy, and a new medicine for Hep C called Epclusa, which also kills,” the email goes on to explain.

“I know many people who tell me that the Harvoni took ten years out of their lives. The other 3 medications are now coming out with similar warnings about liver and kidney problems. Doctors told my wife she was cured after 60 days of taking Harvoni, and again three days after finishing the last pill. The commercial on TV says they cure 96 to 99 percent of people. Kind of misleading, because most people don’t expect to pass away after being cured.”

Another email explains how Gilead’s “miracle” drug Harvoni causes patients to develop aggressive cancers. A 35-year-old father developed stage 3 liver cirrhosis, which is “usually only seen in very old people,” because of taking it.

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