The UK’s Energy Reset: More Wind Farms Festooning The Country

fracking uk

fracking uk

If nothing else, the Ukraine crisis has at least prompted a long-overdue rethink about our energy strategy.

For too long, we have neglected domestic production and relied upon overseas imports in order to keep the lights on. [bold, links added]

But how wearily predictable that the government’s solution to the problem turns out to be festooning the country with more giant wind farms.

Onshore wind turbines cause enormous damage to the countryside. They destroy our beautiful landscapes as well as harm local wildlife.

More importantly, though, they have proved to be an erratic source of power.

Yes, wind power is becoming more productive in common with most renewables as technologies develop.

And hopefully, those will eventually help us phase out the requirement for environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

But that will take many years and what the UK urgently requires are traditional sources of power capable of plugging the gap in the meantime.

Britain has vast unexploited oil and gas reserves. We sit on layers of shale gas. Nuclear too should be an indispensable part of any future power equation.

But a mixture of risk-aversion, pandering to nimbyism, and capitulation to the shrieking eco-lobby has resulted in these abundant energy sources being discarded.

Instead, we have a government that seems intent on burnishing its green credentials and pursuing a headlong dash toward net-zero whatever the cost.

If we’re truly serious about devising a proper strategy capable of fulfilling our needs then we must think again. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in hock to vile tyrants such as Putin for decades to come.

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