Daily Onslaught of NYT Fake News on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Daily MSM reports on Russia’s special military operation against US/Western-supported, Nazi-infested, Ukraine read like Biden regime press releases.

As usual, NYT contempt for truth and full disclose stands out as follows:

Russia “does not want civilians” evacuated out of harm’s way (sic).

Fact: Russia alone is going all-out to protect civilians, wanting them evacuated to safety, wanting nonmilitary infrastructure protected.

The Times turned truth on its head claiming otherwise.

“After nearly a month of fighting, the war has reached a stalemate (sic).”

Fact: Far from it!

Previous articles and a same-day one explained that Ukraine’s US/Western-supplied war machine is being systematically smashed.

Russian and Donbass forces continue making slow and steady progress with protecting civilians in mind.

If otherwise, fighting would have ended in a matter of days.

What remains of Ukraine’s military is embedded behind civilians as human shields.

No Russian forces are being pushed back by Ukraine anywhere, as the Times falsely claimed.

No “trail of destruction” occurred in Ukrainian cities from their operations.

“Ukrainian officials and (so-called) witnesses said (Russian forces) were not only forcibly deporting people but conscripting men to fight in their war effort (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Not a shred of evidence suggests it — so the Times made it up.

Fake news is longstanding Times policy, truth and full disclosure on major issues banned.

The fake “Biden is making his biggest diplomatic push (sic).”

Dementia Joe’s double knows little more than lines scripted for him to recite or paraphrase. 

The US neocon-controlled regime rejects restoration of peace and stability along Russia’s border.

Hardcore policy calls for perpetual war.

Russia’s campaign “devastated several Ukrainian cities, caused a humanitarian crisis and fueled insecurity around the world (sic).”

Fact: Russia seeks an end to 8 years of aggression by Ukrainian forces against Donbass.

Fact: The Obama/Biden regime and its successors bear full responsibility for humanitarian crisis conditions in central Europe — clearly not Russia.

Fact: NATO vassal states share blame for bowing to the will of Washington’s imperial aims.

The Times called indisputable evidence about the following fake news:

“Neo-Nazis” infesting Ukraine.

“Genocide” committed by the US-installed regime.

Dozens of “American biological weapons” research facilities in the country.

Research on bio-infected bats and “birds” in Ukraine to spread disease to Donbass and Russia.

Responsibility of Ukrainian forces for detonating “bomb(s) on civilian targets to wrongfully blame Russia.

What indisputable evidence proves about Nazified Ukrainian forces, the Times called fake news.

It lied accusing Vladimir Putin of “creat(ing an alternative reality.”

It lied mocking research to use infected “birds (as) bioweapons.”

It lied accusing Russian forces of bombing a Ukrainian theater and hospital.

It lied calling indisputable hard truths about all sorts of Ukrainian criminality “irresponsible conspiracy theories…utter nonsense (sic).”

It lied accusing Russia of “silenc(ing) dissent” — a defining feature of US/Western conventional and social media when their regimes go to war, support one, and most always at all times.

Times rubbish is Exhibit A!

The latest rubbish from Times presstitute Thomas Friedman defied reality by falsely claiming that Putin’s “plan…failed (sic).”

He lied accusing Russian forces of “fir(ing) on civilians, apartment blocks, hospitals, businesses and even bomb shelters (sic).”

He lied claiming that Russian strategy aims to “drive” millions of Ukrainians into neighboring countries, including “Western Europe.”

He lied saying Putin wants to “creat(e) intense social and economic burden (in) NATO) states (sic).”

He lied claiming that Ukraine is “effectively defend(ing) its airspace (sic).”

Like all his columns, Big Lies and mass deception substitute for journalism as it should be.

He lied claiming that “stalemate” prevails in Ukraine.

Ignored by Friedman is that Russia destroyed Ukraine’s aerial and naval capabilities.

Russian forces control its airspace and offshore waters.

It’s likely true that Russian forces will strike supply lines along border areas between Ukraine and neighboring countries — even if spills into the territory of a NATO member state.

Will Article 5 alliance collective defense be invoked in response?

Will the Biden regime go to war against Russia if its forces destroy US/NATO weapons for Ukraine in Polish territory along the border between both countries?

Don’t bet on it.

While US/NATO confrontation with Russia is clearly possible, it’ll take much more than eliminating weapons to Ukraine a few times to launch it.

As for possible Russian use of nukes as Friedman suggested, it would only follow in response to their detonation on its territory by hegemon USA, Britain or France.

What’s obvious, Friedman left unexplained.

What’s featured in all his columns is beginning-to-end fake news trash.

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