Report: House Democrats Hope State Parties Can Help With Messaging

Vulnerable Democrats appear to be turning to their state parties for help with messaging in preparation for a brutal November election for many elected officials across the country.

Democrats, who, on the whole, have had problems with their messages on the campaign trail and in Congress, “are turning to state parties to personalize their agenda ahead of November’s midterm elections,” according to the Hill.

The Democrats hope to be focusing on the spending bills — the American Rescue Plan, the radical bipartisan infrastructure package — and health care. Even though many have argued that the Democrat spending bills have caused inflation to skyrocket, state parties hope to use the issues to fire up their base and convince swing voters. 

As the House Republicans and outside groups have used inflation to attack Democrats on the rising price of goods, some Democrats hope voters pay more attention to local news than national topics.

“Democratic state parties have the boots on the ground in the places where we need to win,” Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler told the Hill. “We are making sure that when people pick up the newspaper or turn on the local news, they see trusted community members talking about how Democrats came through.”

Wikler also touted the operation Democrats at the state level have, comparing it to 2018 when the Democrats took control of the House from Republicans.

“We have a bigger operation now than we had in 2018, dramatically,” he said, explaining that state parties are partnering with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which has allowed them to have year-round operations and coalition centers with minority groups.

However, as Wikler touted the size of their operation, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has also opened up community centers. The RNC’s community centers are meant to do the same thing, help with candidate recruitment and voter outreach and connect with more minority voters. Additionally, in Texas, the RNC, ahead of the primary, spent months training thousands of volunteers to help with election integrity, which will, in turn, be helpful for the November election.

Additionally, while the midterms have geared up, the Republicans are fully aiming at the Democrats’ spending bills as being the cause of inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. The vulnerable Democrats also have to figure out if they want to align themselves with President Joe Biden, considering that his poll numbers continue to fall due to many poor decisions over the last year in office.

“Democrats have the impossible task of deodorizing Biden’s rotten agenda,” RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn told the Hill.

“When the DNC finally ventures out to real America, they’ll soon realize that the RNC and our state parties have been working in unison, mobilizing volunteers and engaging with voters at the local level for multiple cycles,” Vaughn added. “No amount of spin or catch up will bring them up to speed.”

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter.

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