Ukraine Update

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on Tuesday:

“We are determined to achieve all our goals – firmly and without any hesitations.”

If hegemon USA-dominated NATO “were even a gram, a millimeter closer to understanding that they need to influence Kiev in the interest of reaching a solution, then the chances, including for negotiating success, would be higher.” 

“But this is not happening” — just the opposite, as Ryabkov and other Russian officials know.

Dominant US dark forces want perpetual US/NATO war on Russia — waged by Ukrainian proxies.

Ryabkov called Washington’s diabolical agenda “another manifestation of the cynical and destructive course Washington and its allies have taken.”

On multiple rounds of Russian/Ukrainian talks, he said that Moscow “see(s) no desire at all from Kiev to consider (its) originally-proposed requests, which are absolutely imperative.”

At the same time, he said that the Kremlin does not want diplomatic missions with the US closed.

Calling them “important…channels of communication,” he added that Moscow has “no illusions” about the true state of relations with Washington.

Most always, whatever Russia proposes to improve bilateral relations goes in one imperial ear and out the other, achieving nothing in Washington and other key Western capitals.

What benefit can Russia gain by maintaining normal diplomatic relations with a nation hell bent for its destruction as an independent state? 

Ryabkov failed to explain.

So I’ll do it for him.

There’s virtually no benefit to Russia at all.

Whatever occurs diplomatically with Washington ahead — if anything — will be breached at its discretion like nearly always before.

Moscow still fails to understand that both right wings of the US one-party state want all nations free from their control transformed into vassal states — their sovereignty eliminated, their resources looted, their people exploited as serfs.

Maintaining diplomatic ties to Washington is the equivalent of a scorned spouse remaining faithful to his or her marriage partner.

It’s accepting betrayal with no prospect of turning things around.

Moscow fails to understand that toughness is the only language that Washington and its key NATO partners understand.

It’s one thing to profess determination in pursuit of key goals.

It’s another to be under no illusion about what hegemon USA is hell bent to achieve at Russia’s expense.

Separately according to Donetsk’s First Deputy Information Minister, Daniil Beznosov, on Tuesday:

At least half of the Donbass city of Mariupol was liberated.

While things remain “tense,” DPR forces, with help from Russia, surrounded remaining Nazified battalions in the city.

Initially they numbered about 14,000. Their ranks are roughly half that strength now.

Russian and DPR forces are on track toward eliminating their presence altogether. It’s just a matter of time.

On March 23 at Russia’s request, Security Council members will vote on its draft resolution.

It calls for cessation of fighting in conflict areas to evacuate civilians in harm’s way.

It also calls for donations to the UN’s Humanitarian Response Plan.

The Biden regime is almost certain to veto the resolution — or pressure, bully, threaten or bribe enough SC members to reject it.

Ukrainian and foreign civilians are pawns in the conflict.

US/NATO-supported Nazified Ukrainian battalions continue using them as human shields in residential areas.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and their likeminded NATO partners are unlikely to sacrifice what’s advantageous for Ukrainian troops to protect civilian lives they don’t give a damn about.

In response to the fake Biden’s claim that Russia intends using banned chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov slammed the Big Lie as follows, saying:

“We have neither. What the Americans are saying is malicious insinuations.”

“We hear it all the time, and we have been providing comprehensive responses to it for a while.”

“The matter is that the US is not used to listening to anyone but itself.”

Along with the above, Ryabkov should have stressed what’s indisputable.

The US repeatedly uses virtually all sorts of banned weapons in all its wars of aggression against invented enemies.

Longstanding US policy aims to inflict maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

This diabolical aim applies domestically as well as abroad.

Russia did present indisputable evidence of US bioweapons development in Ukraine.

Separately, Russia’s Minister of Transport Vitaly Savelyev said 78 of the country’s commercial jet aircraft were seized in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, nations considered friendly.

Friends don’t backstab each other.

How much more of this will Russia put up with without responding with appropriate harshness?

A Final Comment

In response to US-installed puppet Zelensky saying that the regime he nominally heads will hold a referendum on whatever Russian and Ukrainian negotiators may agree on — if anything — was rejected by Moscow.

Of course, nothing will be agreed on without US approval.

Since the Biden regime wants perpetual proxy war on Russia, conflict resolution is off the table as long as US-installed Kiev puppet rule remains in place.

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