Witness: ‘Aliens’ living among Bigfoot in northern Rockies? (Photo)

A Bigfoot habituation observer describes the activities in his area of the U.S. Rocky Mountains. But he has become concerned by a new group of humanoids that are now living among the Bigfoot.

I recently received the following information:

“I’ve been going to the northern U.S. Rocky Mountains for 8 years after finding giant footprints in the snow. I actually grew up in this area and as a kid saw glimpses of these Bigfoot 3 times. So, 8 years ago, as an adult, I went looking for them.

Now, after finding their tracks, I’ve seen these Bigfoot probably 25 to 30 times. They come in all different sizes from 10 feet to 6 feet in height, some look human-like, any others look like straight up monsters. All have coal black hair.  They have never showed violence towards, never thrown anything, or screamed at me. If I see them and try getting closer, they will recede back into the forest. I’ve left apples, and then looked up and have seen them within 25 feet of one. They just hide in the forest and watch me watching them.

This has been going on for 8 years, until the summer of 2021 when these alien-looking things showed up with the Bigfoot. I am at a loss as to what all these creatures are. I have attached a photo. I am hopeful someone else has seen this also because now I am not looking forward to going go back as I have been in the past. The alien things are more aggressive, and that’s why I don’t look forward to going back. If I wanted these creatures dead I would have shot them my first year, but they are truly amazing. Thank you. Hope to get some answers from you on the alien thing.” TF

NOTE: I contacted TF and explained some of the history of possible alien / non-terrestrial and Bigfoot interaction, especially here in Pennsylvania. I also asked for further information about his sightings. I then received the following:

“Lon. The first one I saw was when I made a Bigfoot ‘whoop’ call when it answered. The Bigfoot never answer me. They just come to where I am and watch from the forest cover. These things answered me twice with a ‘whoooo’ sound. Then it actually came out of the forest, saw me, and quickly dropped down into the brush and popped back up by the tree. I took its picture.

It had very large black eyes, which were set wide apart. Its skin looked like that of a wart frog. I tried to communicate with it, to no avail. It just watched me until I tried getting closer. When I started walking closer, it just went back into the forest when I got within 200 feet. It was around 7 feet tall. The little ones were looking at me also. There were 2, and when I tried getting closer I observed a bulb-shaped head in the brush watching me.

The 3rd being I saw with the Bigfoot that was sitting in front of it. It made calls and moved around the area, keeping hidden in the bush. I didn’t try making contact. I got a little freaked out and slowly backed out, the same as I do with the Bigfoot. I get the feeling that if I run, I may be chased. So I always try to back out slowly. I am always armed with my rifle.

I came back and measured the landmarks and branches where I had seen the being in the photo. I estimate that it was 7’9″ in height.  Like I said they had never showed up previously. Just last summer, now there were forest fires nearby forests, so maybe the fires pushed them into the area. The Bigfoot seem to follow the creeks and rivers and are highly intelligent.” TF 

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