Moderna’s Profits Show Why Big Pharma Can’t Meet Our Health Needs

Moderna is hardly alone in making skyrocketing sums of money from COVID-19. Pfizer’s vaccine has brought in $37 billion, for example, making it one of the most profitable products in history. It should thus come as no surprise that both Pfizer and Moderna are now claiming people need a fourth dose of their COVID-19 vaccines. Given the vast profits they make, each of these companies has a vested interest in promoting the idea that repeated so-called ‘booster’ doses are needed on a regular basis.

What is equally significant here is that major drug companies have been resisting demands for them to waive the patents on their COVID-19 vaccines and share the technology with smaller manufacturers in poorer countries. This only further confirms what we have always said about the pharma industry, namely, that it is driven not by human health but by the profits it makes for its shareholders.

The enormous profits made by the likes of Pfizer and Moderna are a direct result of the fact that their drugs and vaccines can be patented, thus allowing them to create and control multibillion dollar markets. Maintaining the existence of diseases and expanding their incidence globally is a precondition for these profits to continue. Seen in this light, the pharma industry essentially has no interest in the COVID-19 pandemic being declared over anytime soon.

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