Out-of-body experiences

William Buhlman has been having, and teaching about, out-of-body experiences for more than 40 years. His first book Adventures Beyond the Body (1996) explains how to have an OBE. His second book The Secret of the Soul—Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature (2001) deals with some of the different kinds of OBEs, both positive and unwelcome. He talks about OBEs in children, OBEs caused by combat and trauma, meeting loved ones in the afterlife, and transformational experiences. This book has excellent chapters on the history of OBEs, how to have an OBE, what can be expected from an OBE and what the benefits are. His third book Adventures in the Afterlife explains what happens when you die. His website has extensive information on techniques to generate out-of-body experiences.

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