The LNP, ALP and Greens defence force

Doctors prove face masks are useless –Click picture to view video


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Australian Must Watch Video

Great production of how the establishment now control on many fronts as we do nothing to save our own freedom

Patriot’s Notice Board

Bob Katter the Patriot Politician

Sol’s full Speech at the May 30 2020 Sydney Demonstration against the Australian Government’s Shocking, incompetent and totally unnecessary Covid19 Lockdown which has destroyed Australia’s

This picture paints a 1000 words how Australia is travelling with assimilation

Australia with eighteen other energy lemmings leapt over the Paris Precipice but they were Trumped when one canny American owl declined to commit carbon suicide

Greens energy generator doubles as bushfire igniter

For Concerned Australians

Click on the picture above to read all our publications about Port Arthur

How much do you owe?

Australian debt clock

Click the counter to see current debt

Agenda 21

Ann Bressington MP Exposes Agenda21

Common Law Of Australia

Every Australian needs to view this video to understand your rights and the violations being inflicted on Australians by government and their judicial enforcers who work outside the common law of the people.

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You need to read this factual inquiry of 70 year old farmer Ruth Downey who has her cattle slaughtered by the RSPCA and the nursing calves left without their mothers, NO FOOD. Click the picture to download the disgusting story that is far from a first time event, there are many, many more prosecuted by the private law firm of the then NSW-RSPCA president and a fellow director


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