Cotton: WH Still Lacking ‘Sense of Urgency’ in Response to Russia

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) reacted to President Joe Biden moving the time of his NATO press conference amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Cotton said he hoped Biden would show “he’s finally got a sense of urgency” in pushing back against Russia because it had been “lacking.”

“I hope the president accelerating his press conference shows that he’s finally got a sense of urgency, which is still lacking in the administration’s response,” Cotton declared. “Statements of unity and group pictures at the NATO headquarters is not going to stop Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. The Ukrainians need more weapons; they need them faster. What we need from the president is to get out of this mindset of trying to end the war. Instead, we need to help Ukraine win the war, and they are only going to win if we continue to supply them with the weapons that they are asking for, if we give them more weapons, and we give them those weapons faster, and we take more economic sanctions against Russia.”

He continued, “For instance, we are still importing Russian oil to this day. The Russian stock market just opened today. They just paid off the first round of foreign debt payments. Obviously, the sanctions are not yet tough enough. So, I hope the president accelerating his press conference today shows that he’s going to accelerate his responses to Russia’s unprovoked … war of aggression.”

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