Education International, ITUC and the Global Push to inject the 4IR and Transhumanism into Schools

by John Clyczek, Unlimited Hangout:

As fears of WWIII are being stoked, don’t take your eye off Education International, which has been collaborating with the WEF, UN, Big Tech and others to force transhumanism into schools with the goal of creating the 4th Industrial Revolution workforce.

Ever wonder why the United States of America’s largest teachers’ unions, the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), have been pushing for the privatization of public schools? or why they have also been pushing through ed-tech contracts with Big Tech corporations, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM?


While the NEA and the AFT have recently justified public school partnerships with private ed-tech corporatization on the grounds that virtual “distance learning” is necessary to protect students from COVID-19 infections, these teachers’ unions have a long history of cozying up to Big Tech. These very same Big Tech companies just so happen to also be facilitating the courseware necessary for online education.

Furthermore, the NEA and the AFT are both members of the Global Union Federation (GUF) known as “Education International” (EI), which appoints delegates to the World Economic Forum (WEF), which likewise partners with Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM. Considering these crony corporatist collusions between the NEA, the AFT, EI, the WEF, and Big Tech, it appears that these national and international teachers’ unions are exploiting COVID panic in order to ram through public-private ed-tech partnerships with multinational technology companies that are driving the globalist “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR), which is being spearheaded by the oligarchs affiliated with the WEF.

To illustrate, one of the Founding Presidents of EI was AFT President Albert Shanker, a Trilateral Commission member who met with “the head of IBM” before conceptualizing public-private charter school corporations. This evolved into the virtual charter schooling industry that has since spawned companies like US Secretary of Education William Bennett’s K12 Inc. The other Founding President of EI was NEA President Mary Futrell, who served on the Board of Directors of K12 Inc., which Bennett commercialized as an outgrowth of the US Department of Education’s Project BEST (Basic Education Skills through Technology). Project BEST was the USA’s domestic version of a United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) project known as “Study 11,” which set up the international “information technology” (IT) infrastructure for what is now called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Other prominent NEA and AFT members of EI presently include:

With these AFT and NEA officials holding high office at EI since the GUF’s inception, these US national teachers’ unions have tethered essentially all of the USA’s unionized educators to the globalist policies of EI in collaboration with the WEF.

In my previous article for Unlimited Hangout, I documented how the WEF has been lording over EI bureaucrats who direct the marching orders of the AFT and the NEA along with 381 other EI “member organizations” encompassing “32 million teachers and education support personnel in 178 countries and territories.” More specifically, my report detailed how the WEF’s “Great Reset” has been commissioned to EI bureaucrats, including Robert Harris, Fred van Leeuwen, and Jelmer Evers, who have passed down the global “Reset” agenda to national teachers’ unions, such as the AFT and the NEA. As a result, educators and school staff are being stirred up to “reimagine” learning through corporate ed-tech innovations geared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To put it bluntly, my last article, “How Education International Is Pushing Teachers’ Unions into the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” revealed how the puppet strings of national teachers’ unions, including the AFT and the NEA, are dangled from these EI operatives and controlled by the WEF at the top of the technocratic chain of command.

In this article, I will now expose how two more EI globalists, David Edwards and Sharan Burrow, both collaborate with the WEF to corral nearly all the world’s unionized teachers under the GUF monolith of EI, which partners with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), in order to herd local teachers’ unions into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As I’ve previously noted, this “revolution” is being accelerated by the WEF’s Great Reset in coordination with the world governance arms of the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank.

By consolidating ostensibly all of the planet’s teachers and education professionals under the single GUF of EI, in coordination with the ITUC, Edwards and Burrow are galvanizing all school workers into a uniform one-world workforce that marches in lockstep with the corporate-technocratic directives of globalist oligarchs at the WEF, the UN, the OECD, the IMF, and the World Bank. Rather than representing local teachers and other school workers at the international bargaining tables of these global governance institutions, Edwards and Burrow are co-opting local educators by signing them on to the WEF’s technocratic Great Reset, which is expediting the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is being ushered in with the help of the UN, the OECD, the IMF, and the World Bank.

David Edwards’s “New Normal”: Transhumanist AI Ed-Tech for Social Credit Data-Mining

After twenty-four years reigning as the Founding General Secretary of EI, the Dutch academician Fred Van Leeuwen was replaced by former NEA Associate Director David Edwards, a US citizen who remains the General Secretary of EI to this day. Now, as EI General Secretary, Edwards holds simultaneous membership in the WEF, and he has collaborated with the OECD and several branches of the UN. Straddling EI and the WEF, Edwards has joined forces with the OECD to promote a post-COVID “new normal” in which ed-tech is globalized for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He has also been connected to “impact investment” and Social Credit projects tied to the UN and the WEF.

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