(Reader: Gary Andreadis) Blessed to the Nines

Reader Post | By Gary Andreadis

Numbers and numerology have long been an interest of mine. I do not consider myself to be a numerologist by any means. However, decades of experience in holistic health, energy healing and  breath-work have taught me how to recognize and engage the ebb and flow of energy and vibrational frequencies. Quite often, my attention is drawn to numbers as signs or messages. Numbers seem to emit a discernible energy flow of their own that can be physically and/or metaphysically felt and interpreted. It could feel like a gentle nudge or a not so gentle slap across the face. My many years of practicing yoga and meditation has helped me learn how to stay balanced and in tune with my body, mind and spirit. And, most importantly, I continue to develop and maintain a close working relationship with God. 

At the beginning of this year, 2022, I started to notice a dramatic increase of chaotic, conflicted energies within myself, amongst friends, family, and globally. One night I dreamed that I was caught in what looked like a vast, endless, cloud of black and white smoke encircling itself, twisting and turning violently out of control. The black smoke kept moving into and out of the white, creating an ever-changing mass of  grey shadowy forms. I woke up in a cold sweat. The symbolic imagery of dark and light wasn’t lost to me but it was the severe intensity of it that shook me wide awake. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I meditated upon this image and asked God for some guidance.  The message I received was: “Pay attention!”. It felt like a direct order. And at that very moment, I pictured myself standing at attention like a soldier. 

On the first day of March, I found myself checking the numerology of the day, date and year, which I would often do just for the fun of it.  I added the month (3) to the date (1) and to the year 2022 (6). It came to a 10, which is a 1. Zeroes add power to numbers but the number itself does not change.  I found it interesting that the numerology and the actual date were the same. The next day, I did it again and the numerology came to an 11 or 2. On the third day of March, it came to a 3. At this point, I noticed a pattern emerging. So, I decided to check the numerology for all the days of March. It turned out that the numerology of all 31 days of the month were the same number as the actual date, in sequence. I am no numerology expert but that seemed highly unusual. At least, I had never seen any thing like that before. I randomly checked back over previous months and found many dates that did not match the numerology. I asked myself what particular qualities, mathematical or otherwise, would produce this seemingly unusual result. I decided to look into the meanings of numbers, starting with the month. 

The number 3:

I asked myself the question: Why March or why this March? Well, March is the only month that is both a noun and a verb. It’s a month of action and of moving forward. March is the month that transitions us from Winter to Spring, to new life and to new beginnings. And, as we all know, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Those symbols can be of particular significance, especially with regards to the outcome of a war. March is the third month of every year and 3 happens to be a most powerful number. It’s one of the most important numbers in the Bible. Number three represents God’s presence, harmony, and  completeness. 3 is thematically significant throughout the bible. One of them being The Holy Trinity. The Number 3 stands alone as the symbol of God’s supreme power.

The number 2:

The number two in 2022 represents a supremely feminine force of grace and power. It engenders balance, co-operation, diplomacy, empathy, unity and intuition. 2 exerts a great deal of power and influence over life situations. The power of 2 is always rendered in a sensitive, yet firm and compassionate manner. The year 2022 has 3 number 2’s. And we are already aware of the power of 3. 

Number 222:

The number 222 is a master number linked to personal mastery and creativity. 222 is associated with safety, security and protection. I first became aware of this planetary, spiritual awakening in 2014 and it has been a long and winding ride. However, since the first of January, I had begun experiencing an ever increasing, almost overwhelming, wave of energy and power. It has been growing dramatically both in volume and in velocity. And that brings us to number 9. 

Number 9:

Individual numbers themselves can be powerful. However, when they interact with other numbers, the combined impact can be substantial. When 222 (6) is added to the 3, for example, it becomes 9. That particular combination has been in play since the first day of March 2022.  9 is the final numeral. It is associated with divine ordinance. It vibrates at the highest frequency of all other single digit numerals and is the highest in value. 9 symbolizes completion. It represents the culmination of all wisdom and experience. It resonates with the energy of both endings and new beginnings. 9 is associated with compassion, forgiveness, success and re-birth. 9 is Alpha /Omega.

Perhaps, it is the power of God in the number 9 that is being reflected in March’s numerology. From a spiritual or metaphysical perspective, it looks like God has been winking, or poking at us every single day this month. It may be a way of providing some needed extra support for what may be coming soon for humanity. At the very least, it could be that God is simply trying to get our attention. That was the message I received:  “Pay attention!”. In other words: “Hello” or “I’m here” or “I’ve got this”. If you look at the numbers, the date changes day by day but the power of God (9) is constant. God could not have picked a better month nor better numbers to communicate divine presence. Events that are occurring in the world right now are monumental. And could be described as miraculous. The phrase: “The best is yet to come.” does not mean that amazing things aren’t already happening. So far this month, global events are over the top; it’s been boom after boom. And by the way, even the numerology of the word boom comes to a 9. As I was scrolling around last week, I found a post that was simply Q999999999. There was no explanation. It was just sitting there. I didn’t know what to make of it. Q equals 17 or 8, which is the symbol of infinity or abundance. Add 8 to 9 and you get 17. No matter how many 9’s you add to 8, the numerology will total 17. You can multiply the number 9 times itself from here to eternity and the numerology will still equal 9. Can all of this merely be a coincidence? There’s a lot of symbolism here words and numbers. The phrase: “to the nines” means perfection or to the highest degree. We all know what it means to be dressed to the nines. I believe we are being blessed to the nines.

Is it possible that our near future may be hinging upon this particular month of March? Could it be that the entire month of March, as a whole, is the much alluded to tipping point? If so,that would mean the game would be over at the end of March. Is the end game at an end? In the game of chess, zugzwang is when both sides already know the game is over. At that point, there are a few more moves that can made but they are only delaying tactics. Then it would be time to start picking up the pieces. 

So far this month, we have the Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring behind us. I’m not saying it’s going to be bright and breezy right off the bat. The entire world will need time to heal. And I believe it will. What I am saying is that we may be almost at the turning point. April is just around the corner, so we won’t have very long to wait. The message I received from God was to pay attention. I believe that just doing that, and that alone, would make a world of difference. Where we go one, we go God.


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