Russian Straight Talk Worlds Apart from Duplicitous US/Western Double Talk

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s superior diplomatic skills are greatly enhanced by his formidable intelligence, profound knowledge of history and fluency in four languages — English, French and Sinhala along with his native Russian.

As Russia’s top diplomat since 2004, preceded by a decade as its UN envoy, he visited 136 countries as part of his diplomatic duties.

His stature on the world stage is in stark contrast to his pigmy Western counterparts, notably from the US in the last half century.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Daniel Webster, George Marshal and Dean Acheson when serving as top US diplomat were succeeded by the likes of Henry Kissinger, Hillary, Pompeo and Blinken.

Last weekend, Lavrov explained the following:

The backdrop of crisis conditions in central Europe “is not about Ukraine,” he stressed.

What’s happening in the country dates from the early 1990s after Soviet Russia’s dissolution.

The Russian Federation that emerged intended to have it say on the world stage, the right of all nations.

When Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as Russia’s president in August 1999, he expressed openness to working cooperatively with the US-dominated West.

Russia sought treaties and other agreements to establish a level playing field with the West — with enhancing its security and promoting economic cooperation in mind.

It wasn’t to be. Washington’s control over European nations got them to bend to its will at the expense of themselves and Russia.

What’s going on now is Exhibit A.

Hegemon USA seeks dominance over other nations, not cooperative relations.

“No effort was spared to turn Ukraine into an instrument to contain Russia,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“Into an ‘anti-Russia, as President Putin said. This is neither a metaphor nor an exaggeration.”

It’s cold hard reality, playing out in its ugliest form at this time — short of East/West hot war with nukes.

What’s unthinkable can’t be ruled out ahead by accident or design because of hegemon USA’s aim to rule the world by whatever it’ll take to achieve its diabolical aims.

From Obama/Biden to Trump to the current US regime, Ukraine over the past 8 years was turned into a US-dominated NATO land-based aircraft carrier with hostile designs on Russia.

Militarizing Ukraine for US proxy war on Russia “was accompanied by the Nazification of all spheres of society and the eradication of the Russian language,” Lavrov noted.

Virtually everything Russian was demonized and banned.

“Three Ukrainian television channels that were considered disloyal to (Kiev) were shut down.” 

“Neo-Nazi battalions with insignia of Hitler’s SS divisions held marches” with regime approval. 

“Torchlight processions took place with a presidential regiment assigned as an official escort.”

“Fighters were trained in camps by instructors from the US and other Western countries.”

All of the above “was done with the connivance of civilized Europe and support of the (US-installed) Ukrainian” regime.

Early in his tenure as Washington’s man in Kiev, Zelensky told Lavrov “that it was unthinkable” to wage war on all things Russian in Ukraine.

“So here we are. Life demonstrates what a person’s word is worth,” he stressed.

Beholden to his US master, Zelensky mimics its modus operandi on all things Russia — saying one thing, doing something entirely different.

Following the US 2014 Maidan coup — transforming Ukraine from democratic rule to Nazified tyranny — agreements and guarantees between EU countries and Kiev’s new regime were torn up and discarded, Lavrov explained.

One of the coup d’etat regime’s first action was to virtually abolish use of the Russian language — even though it’s “enshrined” in Ukraine’s Constitution.

So are the rights of Russian nationals and other ethnic minorities.

After Kiev agreed to observe Minsk conflict resolution I and II agreements in late 2014 and early 2015, its ruling regime breached them straightaway — as ordered by its higher power in Washington.

For over seven years, Russia went all-out diplomatically to end Kiev’s aggression on Donbass to no avail.

Why needs little elaboration. 

It’s US proxy war on Russia with Ukrainian regulars and conscripts — forever war Washington wants perpetuated along the Russian Federation’s border with destabilizing and weakening the country in mind.

As ordered by the US, Kiev refused to negotiate directly with Donetsk and Lugansk.

Breaching the letter and spirit of Minsk, Kiev mobilized “up to 120,000” combat troops along the border of Donbass for planned invasion and full-scale war.

In preparation, cross-border shelling increased greatly.

From April 2014 to the present day, around 14,000 or more Donbass residents were killed.

Significant damage was inflicted on vital infrastructure and civilian neighborhoods — with full support from the US-dominated West.

All of the above was accompanied by utter silence by imperial tool Antonio Guterres and so-called human rights groups.

Russian intelligence learned of the (made-in-the-USA) plot by Kiev to seize control of Donetsk and Lugansk “by force,” Lavrov explained, adding:

At the time, Kiev, hegemon USA and NATO puppet Stoltenberg asserted the right of all nations to join the alliance.

Escalated cross-border shelling by Ukraine was “a clear sign of preparations to launch a military offensive in Donbass.”

Moscow “had no other choice but to protect Russian people in Ukraine.” 

“We recognized the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.” 

“President Vladimir Putin responded to their request by ordering the launch of a special military operation” — to protect their security and Russia’s. 

Its forces discovered documented evidence of US biolabs in Ukraine — involved in developing bioweapons for war-making against Donbass and Russia.

Lavrov: The US operates “over 300 laboratories in various countries, most of them located in former Soviet Union nations along the borders of Russia and the People’s Republic of China.”

Begin on Feb. 24, Russia’s special military operation was a last resort after hegemon USA consistently rebuffed its good faith diplomacy.

Its goals were clearly explained — notably to protect the security of Donbass and Russia.

To “eliminate the growing threats to the Russian Federation from the militarization and Nazification of Ukraine,” Lavrov stressed.

When dominant Biden regime hardliners and likeminded Western vassals realized Russia’s intention last month, “they literally went ballistic,” said Lavrov.

Multiple rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators achieved nothing positive.

Russia’s demands are “bare minimum.” 

Kiev rejected conflict resolution so far — as ordered by hegemon USA to perpetuate it along Russia’s border.

At the same time, the Biden regime maintains heavy pressure on Ukraine and other nations — demanding no cooperation with Russia “under threat of sanctions.”

Along with all-out pressure on small countries, the US threatened China, India, Egypt, Turkey, the Saudis and other nations in similar fashion.

According to Lavrov, hegemon USA “totally lost touch with reality.”

It’s anti-Russia strategy is failing.

Western regimes are shooting themselves in the foot.

Already pressured by soaring inflation, crisis conditions are worsening, including potentially unaffordable and inadequate food supplies for countless millions.

Significant economic downturn looms.

Is a perfect storm erupting in real time?

Is what’s going on prelude to far worse conditions ahead?

Hegemon USA and its key Western vassal states bear full responsibility, not Russia.

Their all-out sanctions and demonization war on Russia to weaken and undermine the nation risks things going from bad to far worse.

A Final Comment 

If the Biden regime goes along with Poland’s proposal to deploy NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine, Russia will consider them legitimate targets, Lavrov saying:

Their presence in Ukraine will represent a “direct clash between the Russian and NATO armed forces.”

Deploying alliance forces to Ukraine would be madness.

If sent, East/West war may follow.

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