Biden Regime Strong-Arms Adoption of an Anti-Russia UN Resolution

As a previous article explained, Biden regime pressure, bullying and threats got 13 of 15 Security Council members to abstain on Russia’s resolution to ease humanitarian conditions in Ukraine.

The tactic once again revealed hegemon USA’s contempt for lives, well-being and rights of ordinary people everywhere — that its diabolical agenda exclusively serves wealth, power and privileged interests at their expense at home and abroad.

More proof same from a Thursday General Assembly vote.

According to Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia:

“(N)o need (exists) to elaborate in detail why Russia voted against the draft pseudo-humanitarian resolution that was put forward by Western countries and Ukraine.”

If the Biden and complicit Western regimes cared about civilians in Ukraine, “they would have supported the Russian truly humanitarian draft that was voted in the Security Council yesterday.”

Instead, they went the other way as a previous article explained.

On March 24 “under an unprecedented pressure from the (US)/West, the General Assembly again overstepped its authorities and attempted to give instructions relating to maintenance of international peace and security in violation of para 2, Article 11 of the UN Charter,” Nebenzia stressed.

The Security Council alone has decision-making authority over all things related to this core issue.

The US/Western resolution on Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine should not have been put to a General Assembly vote.

Heavy pressure, bullying and threats by US/Western regimes got 140 GA member states to support what demanded rejection.

Nations opposed included Russia, Belarus, Syria and North Korea. 

China, India, Iran, South Africa, Pakistan and 33 other nations abstained.

Explaining its Thursday GA vote, China’s UN envoy Zhang Jun said the following:

“(E)lements of the draft resolution (went) beyond the humanitarian context,” rendering it unacceptable.

“Dialogue and negotiation is the only way out for the Ukraine crisis.” 

“China strongly calls on the international community to remain rational, strengthen unity and make unremitting efforts for ceasefire and peace.” 

“China will continue its constructive role in facilitating peace talks.”

Security concerns of all countries should be taken seriously in keeping with principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality “to prevent the politicization of humanitarian issues.”

Blaming Russia for humanitarian crisis conditions in Ukraine turned truth on its head.

US/Western and Kiev’s coup d’etat regimes bear full responsibility for what led to Russia’s defensive military operation as permitted by Article 51 of the UN Charter.

Beholden to its Western donors, Human Rights Watch (HRW) operates as a mouthpiece for powerful pro-Western interests.

Its executive director, Kenneth Roth, is a former federal prosecutor. 

His predecessor, Aryeh Neier, left to become president of international con man George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Its chairman, James Hogue, Jr., is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations front organization for US imperial and monied interests.

Its other officials have ties to Western interests over world peace, stability and the rule of law.

In early March, HRW sided with US-dominated NATO and Kiev’s coup d’etat regime over Russia’s liberating campaign.

It lied claiming that its ongoing operation “caused civilian deaths and injuries, and damage to civilian buildings, including hospitals, schools, and homes (sic).”

It falsely accused Russia of conducting “indiscriminate attacks in violation of the laws of war that may amount to war crimes (sic).”

It lied claiming that Russia “threaten(s) the physical security” of Ukrainians.

It lied saying that Russia is using “cluster munitions” and other banned weapons.

On March 24, it accused Russia of “drop(ping) eight bombs onto an apartment building” — falsely implying an attack on Ukrainian civilians.

At the same time, HRW admitted that “(w)e do not send our researchers into areas of active fighting in Ukraine or elsewhere.”

Instead, it relies on “collecting interviews (by phone) or online”— along with videos and photos supplied by these sources.

Who are they?

In Ukraine, they’re Kiev and Western officials involved in controlling the regime and its military operations.

They’re Russia bashers.

Information fed HRW by these sources have an underlying aim.

Blame Russia for all sorts of things it has nothing to do with by making stuff up.

At the same time, they pretend that Nazified Ukrainian battalions are good guys.

Like HRW, Amnesty International is a longtime imperial tool.

Ignoring US-colonized Ukraine, its Nazi-infested coup d’etat regime and 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed war on Donbass, AI falsely claimed the following:

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is grave, severe and defined by one characteristic only: aggression (sic).”

“Russia is invading into the heart of Ukraine, seeking to depose its lawfully elected government (sic), with a real and potential massive impact on civilians’ lives, safety and well-being (sic).”

“Its acts cannot remotely be justified on any of the grounds that Russia has offered (sic).”

Separately, AI falsely called the Russian Republic of Crimea “occupied.”

Instead of truth and full disclosure, HRW, AI and US/Western MSM consistently turn reality on its head about all things Russia and Ukraine.

The scourge of its US-installe, Nazi-infested regime is suppressed in their reports.

Nor is anything explained about US/Western training, arming and directing of its Nazified battalions.

Nor Kiev’s war on all things Russian internally, or that the US-installed regime banned speech, media, academic and other freedoms.

While Biden and complicit Western regimes wage all-out sanctions war on Russia — along with intending to supply more weapons to Kiev for perpetual war — a potential WW III scenario goes unreported.

Collapse of Russian relations with the US could precipitate it.

At this time, no dialogue between Russia diplomats and military commanders with their US counterparts are ongoing.

Sergey Lavrov accused the US-dominated West of waging “hybrid war…total war” on Russia, adding:

The goal of their ruling regimes is “to destroy, to break, to strangle the Russian economy, and Russia as a whole,” adding:

It’s clear to see that lofty US/Western rhetoric about fundamental freedoms and cooperative relations with other nations “are worthless.”

At the same time, he stressed that their diabolical aims are “doomed to fail.”

“The desire by the West to maintain its dominance in international affairs, to subjugate everything and everyone and return to a unipolar world – these are, of course, illusions.”

“We are not going to isolate ourselves.” 

“We have many friends, allies and partners in the world, a huge number of associations in which Russia works with countries in every continent, and will continue to do so.”

Separately, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that hegemon USA’s “economic war…on Russia threatens to completely collapse bilateral relations altogether.”

Will belligerent confrontation between US and Russian forces be the next shoe to drop?

Is what’s unthinkable possible because of hegemon USA’s rage to inflict maximum harm on Russia and its people in maximum numbers of ways?

Is that where things are heading?

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