Think Ukraine Is Gaining Momentum Against Russian Forces? Think Again!

Big Lies and mass deception define US/Western reporting on all things Russia and Ukraine.

It’s been this way since the run-up to and after Russia’s special military operation began to demilitarize, deNazify and neutralize US-colonized Ukraine and its coup d’etat regime.

According to NYT fake news — likely supplied by Pentagon and CIA  talking points — “Ukraine’s military is undertaking a counteroffensive that has altered the central dynamic of the fighting (sic).”

If you accept this rubbish, you’re an easy mark to believe that the sun henceforth will rise in the west and set in the east — that Chicago winter weather is much like what southern Californians and Floridians enjoy.

Fake news claims by the Times about “Ukrainians…pushing (Russian forces) back” read like a grade B Hollywood flop script.

The same thing goes for defying reality by claiming that “Ukrainian progress…is (effectively) taking the fight to a foe with superior numbers and weaponry.” 

Claims about “flawed” Russian “planning and execution (sic),” that its forces are plagued by “supply shortages and demoralizing conditions” fail even to rise to the level of wishful thinking.

From day one of Russia’s campaign to the present time, its Defense Ministry’s planning and execution will one day be looked back on as model to be respected and emulated in combat.

Straightaway after the campaign began on Feb. 24, smashing of Ukraine’s war machine was impressive.

From the get-go, its forces were on their back foot. 

No Ukrainian “offensive” occurred, no counteroffensive at any time, as Times fake news falsely claimed.

The same goes for similar rubbish from the Biden and other Western regimes.

On Wednesday, Britain’s BoJo war ministry released fake news “intelligence” — falsely claiming to show “increasing pressure” by Ukrainian forces against Russia.

The same goes for defying reality by claiming that there’s a “realistic possibility” of a Ukrainian counteroffensive that could “encircl(e) and (cut Russian) supply lines (sic).”

Ignored by so-called US, UK and other Western “intelligence” is that what remains of Ukraine’s largely smashed military is hunkered down in residential neighborhoods behind civilians as human shield hostages.

Saying “time is likely on Ukraine’s side” by the Times sounded buffoon-like.

The same buffoonery applies to claiming that Russian forces are hampered by “a state of uncertainty…communications glitches…(mounting) losses…improved positions (of Ukrainian troops), as well as logistical failures and setbacks (sic).”

On Wednesday, former CIA analyst/State Department deputy director of counterterrorism Larry Johnson continued to set the record straight about Russia impressive Ukraine campaign, explaining the following:

Russian forces and Donbass freedom fighters continue “to advance on eight fronts in Ukraine.”

“(T)he largest remnant of Ukraine’s (battered military) is “encircle(d)” in Donetsk, its supply lines cut.

No Russian mass destruction of Ukrainian cities occurred, as MSM fake news claimed.

Russian strategy “appears to be to encircle major cities, cut them off and then, like a boa constrictor, slowly choke their prey into submission.”

Russian and Donbass forces continue their relentless advance — slowed only by great care taken to protect civilian lives and infrastructure. 

Claims by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents that Vladimir Putin expected swift victory in a matter of day were fake news rubbish. 

From the onset, his “directive to the Russian military (was) clear and simple.”

“(D)emilitarize Ukraine and destroy the Nazi elements,” Johnson explained.

US/Western claims about bogged down Russian forces unable to take Mariupol is defied by reality on the ground.

Slow and steady liberation of the city entirely is proceeding as planned.

Isolated pockets of surrounded Nazified Azov battalion forces alone remain in parts of the city.

They have a choice. Lay down their arms and surrender or be wiped out.

Johnson minced no words explaining what other independent analysts agree on:

“(T)he Ukrainian military is shattered as an intact force and can no longer conduct multiple operations on multiple fronts.”

They have no aerial, naval or “artillery support.” No effective air defense.

Outmaneuvered, outgunned, isolated, surrounded and likely demoralized by de facto defeat, they have no ability or area for retreating to defensive positions that don’t exist.

The triumph of Russian forces over Ukraine’s largely conscript military was just a matter of time from day one.

Thousands of its troops already laid down their arms and surrendered to Russian forces.

The illusion of effective Ukrainian resistance against Russian forces was clearly exposed to the light of day as fake news.

It’s just a matter of time before reality on the ground can no longer be concealed.

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