Unprecedented Propaganda War on Russia

Information wars precede and accompany hot conflicts.

Wars of words are all about controlling the message — portraying things in one-sided fashion to demonize an adversary.

US/Western MSM play a dominant role.

Directly by sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, suppressing what conflicts with it, especially what’s important for everyone to know.

Also by giving officialdom an open-ended platform to mind-manipulate and mass deceive by a one-sided blitzkrieg of misinformation and disinformation at the expense of truth and full disclosure.

Hegemon USA considers all nations free from its control enemies of the state — especially Russia, China and Iran.

In Russia’s case, it’s because of its unmatched super-weapons, its impressive military capabilities as displayed in real time, along with the nation’s rising prominence on the world stage under world-class leadership.

On all things China, it’s because the nation is on track toward becoming the world’s leading economy, displacing the US as No. one, a status it held throughout the post-WW II period.

It’s also because China is a Eurasian political, military, and increasingly a technological powerhouse.

Hegemon USA targets Iran for regime change in deference to Israeli interests, because it’s proudly independent, and minces no words in condemning US crimes of war and against humanity.

On all things Russia, Iranian media called its Ukraine campaign a major “blow to US-led world order…(a) desperate hegemon” concealing important information, along with waging sanctions war.

As the “world order…increasingly becomes de-Westernized,” Washington’s “credibility (and) legitimacy (steadily) erod(e).”

Russia’s operation will continue until its goals are achieved.

The US/dominated West supports perpetual hot war on Russia to the last Ukrainian and volunteer foreign mercenary willing to become cannon fodder.

US/Western MSM long ago abandoned what journalism should be, operating as press agents for wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively.

Nothing they report on major domestic and geopolitical issues can be taken at face value.

Especially about health-destroying kill shots and all things related to invented US enemies like Russia.

The ferocity, intensity and duration of fake news war of words on Moscow by MSM is unprecedented — with no letup in prospect.

In its latest edition alone, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT falsely accused Russia of “hacking US infrastructure” for years.

Like always when spurious accusations are made, they’re unsupported by evidence because none exists.

Claims by the Times of a Ukrainian “counteroffensive” is explained as fake news in a same-day article.

Nor is Moscow likely to get bogged down in what the Times called a Ukraine “quagmire.” 

After a month of operations, mopping up what remains of largely defeated, surrounded, fragmented Ukrainian forces alone remains to be accomplished.

Russia has no intention to control and occupy Ukraine, as the Times falsely claimed.

Previous articles explained its objectives, no imperial ones included like hegemon USA has operated for time immemorial — smashing nations to own them.

While US-installed puppet Zelensky hides out in Poland, the Times and other MSM maintain the myth of a “courageous leader” leading his nation on the home front in its capital (sic).

He abandoned the city and nation as long as weeks ago for safe haven cross-border.

Notably, the Times acknowledged that when this issue was raised at a NATO summit meeting in Brussels, the fake Biden “dodged the question.”

A caricature of a leader, Zelensky serves at the discretion of his US master — serving its interests at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians throughout his time in office.

Claims by the Times and other MSM of Russian use of chemical and other banned weapons were long ago debunked.

Yet they resurface like a bad aftertaste as part of perpetual Russia bashing.

What the Times called “foundations of international security and stability” is code language for US sought hegemony over the world community of nations, its resources and populations.

Other examples of fake news Russia bashing include:

War criminal USA multiple times over “finds Russian forces (operating according to international law) committed war crimes (sic).”

Unindicted war criminal Blinken recited his typical litany of bald-faced Big Lies about invented US enemies, falsely saying:

“Vladimir Putin unleashed unrelenting violence that has caused death and destruction across Ukraine (sic).”

“We’ve seen numerous credible reports of indiscriminate attacks and attacks deliberately targeting civilians, as well as other atrocities (sic).”  

“Russia’s forces destroyed apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure, civilian vehicles, shopping centers, and ambulances, leaving thousands of innocent civilians killed or wounded (sic).”

All of the above and more of the same is fake news of the worst kind.

Notably it’s from interventionist Blinken, a notorious unindicted war criminal — representing a belligerent nation that’s been at war on humanity throughout its odious history from inception.

According to WSJ fake news,”Russi(an) forces bombed residential areas and civilian infrastructure (sic).”

“Ukraine launched a (nonexistent) counteroffensive (sic).”

“Russia failed to take control of any major Ukrainian city (sic).”

As a same-day article explains, Russia largely or entirely surrounded Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities, squeezing them into submission like constrictor snakes subdue prey.

No “heavy resistance” by Ukrainian forces exists.

No strikes by Russia on nonmilitary targets occurred — like US-dominated NATO ruthlessly operates.

Claiming Russian forces killed “thousands of civilians” is one of many bald-faced Big Lies about its campaign.

Over three-fourths of Russians support its Ukraine campaign and Vladimir Putin personally.

It’s in stark contrast to below-40% approval of dementia Joe’s impersonator by Americans.

According to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news, indisputable evidence of Pentagon bioweapons development in Ukraine is “lurid…difficult to believe (and) false (sic).”

The apparent source NPR relied on was interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price, a disreputable figure who’s been caught red-handed time and again spreading malicious Big Lies about invented US enemies.

Like his boss, he’s a first class scoundrel to be scorned and ignored.

The same goes for NPR and other MSM — proliferators of fake news over the real thing, their longstanding stock and trade.

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