War in Western Europe is Not Imminent Unless we see NATO and Russian Mobilization of Forces

Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 24, 2022



The key is Russia and NATO have not mobilized their forces. Belarus is holding their forces. Russia has a million troops on duty and only 200,000 are in the Ukraine in their police action. Russia has two million troops in active reserve. They have not been called up. They are holding back their main forces (800,000) watching what NATO will do. If Poland were to move their standing army into the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus would stop it pouring in troops from the 800,000 troops in reserve plus the Belarus forces. It is not what they say but what they do that counts.

The US has to face the gigantic fact that they cannot win a war on the Eurasian land mass. They just cannot face the facts and have resorted as in a high stakes game of poker to bluffing with a losing hand. NATO is largely a figment of the imagination and Russia stands with a million active troops and two million active reserves. Beyond that are 17 million inactive reserves that can be called up with some training in a prolonged war as Stalin was continuously creating new divisions. China has the capacity of mobilizing a hundred million troops in alliance with Russia so NATO could conceivable face a 120 million troops. Conventional war is out of the question.. NATO cannot use nuclear weapons as it would lose 90% of their European population and on the US side 80%. NATO has no defensive missiles worthy of the name and has not built any bomb shelters for the populations nor has the US comforted by the false notion of Mutually Assured Destruction which as a concept is false. Russian advanced defensive missiles shields their population and for those few ICBMs that might get through they have bomb shelters in their cities for 40 million citizens. We estimate that at most Russia would lose 10% of their population or less than the number of World War Two. The US has no bomb shelters except for some of their elite. This means nuclear war by NATO is unthinkable. Whoever is working these plans out at the White House has created an incredibly dangerous bluff bordering on insanity.

When Russia says their nuclear forces are on alert and shows their hypersonic missiles being used in the Ukraine, it only is a warning to NATO that they if they were to think of nuclear weapons they should not think. They will lose as pointed out above. Russia does not need them to reach the English Channel in a couple of weeks. But they would have to mobilize two million active reserves to achieve that. So since there is no mobilization by either side the danger of expansion of the war at the moment is not great. When we hear that armies are mobilizing then war will be imminent. It interesting that the Russian mobilization for war in World War One was not authorized by the Tsar which triggered the mobilization of the Kaiser and when the Tsar tried to stop it he found the Germans were mobilizing in reaction that the Tsar’s advisors said could not be stopped. While the assassination of the Archduke paved the way for the war, it was not certain there would be war until Russia mobilized.

The Tsar was set up which we have covered elsewhere.

Right now it is economic war. Russia can win this easily by coordinating with Iran the closing of the Straits of Hormuz. If there were no Russia to help Iran or China, the US would sanction Iran again otherwise. As I have said, Russia, China and Iran have to hang together or will find themselves hanged separately. We have to anticipate that they will hang together. The closing of the Straits of Hormuz would crash the US economy as 1.5 quadrillion of world derivatives implode and drives US unemployment over 50%. It would be a Weimar Germany moment as in 1933. This is covered in detail in the next link.

The Straits of Hormuz as a Trigger to World Depression

Either they hang together or hang separately. This is also covered in the next link.

Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine

David Lifschultz


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