Canadian National Railroad workers experience hovering UFO and beings

Location. Chapais Quebec Canada

Date: July 1960 Time: 1400

Georges Godbout, in his 30’s, and two co-workers were repairing tracks of the Canadian National Railroad when they heard a penetrating sound “like a humming top,” which soon became so loud as to make them feel ill. They saw a brightly metallic object coming towards them above the tracks. When it had come within 300 yards, it left the tracks to hover, several yards up, over the adjacent bog. It was top shaped and of a metallic green color, giving off flashes of light. A door opened in it and a small ladder was lowered; a “well proportioned” being about 5’2” tall descended to the ground and stood looking about, twisting his entire body rather than just his head. He was wearing a greenish uniform, very clinging, which covered his entire body including the feet; on his head was round helmet completely enclosing it, with a grill over his face like that of a catcher’s mask. Apparently perceiving the men, he went back up to the UFO, which rose with an “intolerable” noise, flew over the tracks, and then disappeared into the sky. The track workers had thrown themselves into the ditch with their hands over their ears; the noise made them so sick that they were unable to work for the rest of the day. They could not go to the place where the UFO hovered, as it was an impassable bog.

Humcat 1960-16

Source: Michel Lahaie & Jean Ferguson Type: B

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