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03/25/2022 Judgment is coming


The Crimes against the People are too great in number to list. The End of the Road has arrived. There’s no further open space for these villains to crawl to nor rocks and tunnels to hide under. The fury of mothers and fathers everywhere is about to be visited on the heads of all who have stolen the health and well being and even the lives of loved ones.

To all who covered up HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP, knowing the atrocities it contained, there is no possible excuse to protect you. To the many horrified witnesses who have tried to shout of these atrocities only to be ignored, vindication is coming. To every media and broadcasting network that have quashed this story, your days are numbered. To every individual that had personal responsibility and even the ability to stop these evil acts, to make sure these evil people did NOT prevail but did nothing, you will be held accountable.

To all in position of authority, in federal, state, county and city governments or in agencies and corporations working for these same agencies and governments; that have known about Crimes Against the People – especially to children, your days are numbered, and that number is short.

The permanent destruction of these facilities is now taking place. The underground tunnels around the world, where innocents are held hostage in cages, where perverse NAZI experiments have taken place. Experiments similar to those Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, and a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician during World War II performed when he merged human and animal embryos and body parts. Disgusting, criminal and perverse acts, illegal in civilized nations and hidden from the public’s detection for the atrocities these actions truly represent. These atrocities warrant the DEATH ACT.

Tomorrow we will have another Trump Rally, scheduled every Saturday for the next three weeks. He’s promising a “Very Important Message” will be shared. Trump’s slogan, “Promises Made Promises Kept” is growing thin along with the People’s patience. Tomorrow, March 26th and every Saturday after that, at exactly 7 PM Eastern Time, Donald J. Trump will speak to millions and billions around the world. He’s in Commerce, Georgia on the 26th, Washington, Michigan, April 2nd and in Selma, North Carolina on the 9th of April. Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina – all states presently living under a big question mark on lawful election integrity.

The People expect this Trump announcement to be about the DECERTIFICATION of an Unlawful Election, stolen by internationally orchestrated voting machine shenanigans, and ballot stuffers. With the help of billions of dollars from a variety of oligarchs and wealthy parties, seeking to influence the outcome. How much longer does this great nation need to suffer at the hands of a feeble and corrupt Communist/Marxist leadership bent on destroying the American Way of Life?

The People expect this Trump announcement to be about the MILITARY STANDING UP FOR THE PEOPLE. We expect this to be about disclosing the atrocities uncovered in UKRAINE! Not about the same ole, same ole, how great the past four years were under the Trump Administration. This is not the time for looking back. This is the time for looking forward to REDEMPTION AND RESTORATION.

If DJT is using this rally and subsequent rallies in support of these quasi-fake-Republicans, all bought and sold by PACs, or blackmailed by the Epstein’s of the world; under leaders like Mitch McConnell, then the People will not be supporting DJT much further. If his “Important Announcement” is about anything other than, “The Storm is Upon Us,” and true disclosure; the People will not be listening to Donald Trump further. This is a time for Spring Cleaning and getting rid of garbage and useless things.

If this is one more rally, like all the rest, with double-speak and “plausible-deniability” then, it’s a waste of time. Words carry immense weight when spoken by a Hero of the People. This is one hero that has the stage and the time to speak TRUTH is right now.

Judgment, redemption and restoration are coming along with new possibilities. The time for coming clean is here now and there’s no time to waste. It’s time for every person in any position of authority to make their peace and make things right with the world.


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