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Demeaning Preeminent Leader Vladimir Putin: A NYT Specialty

On domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, the Times is consistently on the wrong side of history.

It long ago sold its soul in return for blood money to maintain a daily drumbeat of fake news mass deception as ordered by its hegemonic funder.

On Sunday, its feeble attempt to reinvent model democratic leader Vladimir Putin into an ogre, a villain, a war criminal, a dictator, a crazed revanchist, a leader with “an increasingly Messianic vision of restored imperial glory” fell flat.

Featuring baseless vitriol — based on state-supplied talking points — the Times tried and failed to reinvent Putin into something he’s not.

Under his leadership, Russia operates according to the rule of law domestically and geopolitically.

It’s in stark contrast to hegemon USA’s so-called “rules-based order” — in flagrant breach of international and its own constitutional law.

In contrast to US hegemonic aims, its rage for unchallenged global dominance, Putin prioritizes relations with the world community of nations, according to rule of law principles.

In contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever wars on humanity, Putin prioritizes peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations, dominance over none.

His special military operation in Ukraine was a last resort.

It came after over seven years of good faith Russian diplomacy to end Kiev’s US-orchestrated and directed forever war on Donbass failed because Washington wants a permanent destabilizing state of war in central Europe.

It came in response to evidence of hegemon USA’s intention to use proxy Ukrainian forces against Crimea, as well as full-scale war on Donbass to seize, occupy and control the DPR and LPR by brute force.

Instead of reporting on 8 years of Kiev’s war on Donbass, massacring its people and destroying its infrastructure, along with what’s explained above, the Times and other MSM suppressed it.

Throughout most of Putin’s tenure, reasons were invented to bash him — because under his leadership, Russia is proudly independent of US/Western control.

Russia serves its own people, not the interests of foreign powers.

Russia refuses to bow to the will of hegemon USA at the expense of its own sovereign rights.

On the world stage, Vladimir Putin is a preeminent giant in stark contrast to his pigmy Western counterparts.

For the Times and other MSM, reality is intolerable.

So they make up ad hominems to bash him.

Included are all sorts of things he had nothing to do with and phony remarks like his “nightmare is not NATO, but democracy (sic).”

Or saying his “authoritarian system” rules with an iron fist (sic).

Or claiming he has “a proclivity for violence (sic).”

Or calling him “cold and calculating (sic).”

Or accusing him of “brutal outbursts (sic).”

Or calling his leadership “a study of growing audacity (sic).”

Or claiming Russia under his leadership is “his kleptocracy (sic).”

Or mocking him for saying that “efforts to contain Russia failed.”

Or falsely accusing him of “annex(ing) Crimea (sic).”

Or falsely accusing of him “orchestrat(ing) military conflict” in Donbass (sic).

Or saying that “lies and brutality (are his) core methods (sic).”

Or saying conflict in Ukraine is his “war of choice (sic).”

Or accusing him of “assault(ing) independent media (sic).”

Worst of all, calling him “megalomaniacal (sic).”

On all things Russia and Putin personally, fiction consistently substitutes for facts — by the Times and other MSM.

The same reality applies to all US invented enemies.

For time immemorial, prostitution of the press reflects how the Times and other MSM operate.

Truth and full disclosure on key domestic and geopolitical issues were long ago abandoned.

Providing press agent services for US/Western wealth, power, and privileged interests is prioritized — at the expense of journalism as it should be.

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