Are Lunatics in Charge of the US/Western Asylum Heading for Global War?

Does greater madness than they’ve displayed so far lie ahead?

Is their Russophobic rage so intense as to make what’s unthinkable possible?

Are they willing to risk destroying planet earth and all its life forms to own it?

Following a NATO war machine summit in Brussels last week, a joint press release from its 30 heads of state said the following:

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine threatens global security (sic).” 

“Its assault on international norms makes the world less safe (sic).”

“President Putin’s escalatory rhetoric is irresponsible and destabilizing (sic).”

Blaming Putin for what’s going on ignored US-dominated NATO’s proxy hot war on Russia’s security for the past 8 years.

It was silent about unparalleled sanctions war by US/NATO regimes on Russia with intent to try undermining the nation and harm its people by severely damaging its economy.

Russia’s last resort special military operation came after over seven years of trying to halt US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev against Donbass diplomatically failed because Washington wants a perpetual state of destabilizing war along the Russian Federation’s borders.

It wants Russia surrounded by hostile NATO forces.

It wants the nation isolated on the world stage — not for any threat it poses, solely for its sovereign independence, its freedom from US control, its unwillingness to sell its soul to a higher power in Washington.

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states bear full responsibility for raging conflict in central Europe.

Instead of abiding by the rule of law the way Russia operates, they breach it consistently on the world stage.

NATO leaders sounded buffoon-like claiming that “Ukrainians inspired the world with heroic resistance” against Russia (sic).”

Nominally headed by US-installed puppet, the made-in-the-USA-created regime resurrected the scourge of Nazism in Europe’s heartland.

Its military — what’s left of it — is comprised of involuntary conscripts and Nazified regulars.

Last week, former Ukrainian security service (SBU) official, Vasily Prozorov, said the following at a Moscow news conference:

“While speaking about the crimes committed by the Ukrainian forces in Donbass, it is impossible not to mention that they largely became possible due to widespread Nazi and fascist beliefs,” adding: 

“I’m referring not just to the so-called voluntary battalions, where this ideology is commonplace.” 

“I saw for myself swastikas and SS insignias on their steel helmets and swastika tattoos in many other places, too.” 

“They greet each other with the Nazi salute by extending their right arm into the air.” 

“And in the barracks, they keep flags with swastikas and symbols of SS divisions on the walls.”

“I’m talking now about widespread Nazi notions in ordinary divisions of the Ukrainian armed forces and the National Guard operating in the field.” 

“Remember a 95th brigade paratrooper wearing a uniform with the stripe of the SS division Totenkopf division at a meeting with President Poroshenko?” 

“Or the commander of the 503th marines battalion keeping a picture of SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny in his office.” 

“You will agree that all this speaks for itself.

Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“Zelensky says that he cannot be a Nazi because he is of Jewish origin.”

“But he pronounces these words on the days when Ukraine is demonstratively withdrawing from the agreement on the protection of monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.” 

Instead of denouncing the scourge of Nazi tyranny, Kiev embraces it.

“It is difficult for me to take Ukraine’s policy seriously when he personally patronizes the tendencies I have spoken about,” said Lavrov.

Zelensky and other regime officials foster neo-Nazism in Ukraine.

“Marches of neo-Nazi battalions with the insignia of Hitler divisions, SS divisions, torchlit processions involving the presidential regiments, training of militants at camps under the supervision of instructors from the US and other Western (regimes) take place with the connivance of civilized Europe and, of course, with the support from their authorities.”

There’s no ambiguity about the scourge of Nazified Ukraine, about its contempt for the rule of law and all things Russian, about its tyrannical rule, about the menace it poses to central Europe and world peace.

In late February after Russia’s special military operation began, Putin said the following:

Russia cannot reach agreement with “a gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that are holed up in Kiev.”

Addressing ordinary Ukrainians and conscript forces, he said:

“(D)o not let neo-Nazi and Bandera supporters use your children, your wives and seniors as a human shield.”

“Take matters into your own hands” to restore the rule of law to your country.

“I want to give the highest marks to the actions of Russian servicemen and officers.” 

“They are acting courageously, professionally, heroically fulfilling their duty, successfully resolving the most important task on ensuring the security of our nation and our homeland.”

To long-suffering Donbass residents he said:

He authorized a special military operation to free them from “from abuse and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.”

Ukrainian “Banderites and neo-Nazis…are acting in the same way as terrorists do throughout the world.”

It’s well known that “all these developments are unfolding on recommendations from foreign advisors, first of all, American instructors.”

Putin aims to restore peace and stability to central Europe, what’s been absent since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

Inventing its own fabricated reality, the joint statement of NATO leaders ignored all of the above.

Turning reality on its head, they falsely blamed Russia and Vladimir Putin personally for their own criminal actions — by waging Nazified hot war on Donbass and proxy war on the Russian Federation.

Accountability begins at home.

Led by hegemon USA, NATO’s war machine “destroy(ed) the foundations of international security and stability” the alliance falsely blamed on Russia.

Sanctions imposed by their ruling regime flagrantly breached the letter and spirit of UN Charter provisions.

Their so-called “defense plans” are with more naked aggression in mind than already.

As long as the alliance for perpetual wars on invented enemies exists, world peace and stability will remain unattainable.

As long as their dominant regimes are hell bent to undermine Russia, to destroy its economy, to immiserate its people, the specter of possible global war with nukes will haunt humanity.

As long as hegemon USA continues to pressure, bully and bludgeon other nations to bend to its will, the risk of destroying planet earth and all its life forms will remain an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

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