‘255,000 excess votes’ for Biden found in 2020 presidential race

from WND:

52% believe ‘cheating’ changed election result

Even Democrats believe there was voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to a commentary from John R. Lott Jr., formerly the senior adviser for research and statistics at the DOJ’s Office of Legal Policy and now the president of Crime Prevention Research Center.

Lott explained in his commentary at Real Clear Politics that peer-reviewed research confirms evidence of voter fraud.

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“By a margin of 52% to 40%, voters believe that ‘cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.’ That’s per a Rasmussen Reports survey from this month. This stands in stark contrast to the countless news stories editorializing about ‘no evidence of voter fraud’ and ‘the myth of voter fraud,’” he wrote.

“It isn’t just Republicans who believe this cheating occurred. Even 34% of Democrats believe it, as do 38% of those who ‘somewhat’ support President Biden. A broad range of Americans think this: men, women, all age groups, whites, those who are neither white nor black, Republicans, those who are neither Republicans nor Democrats, all job categories, all income groups except those making over $200,000 per year, and all education groups except those who attended graduate school.,” he wrote.

He said his own peer-reviewed research to be published in Public Choice confirms evidence of “around 255,000 excess votes (possibly as many as 368,000) for Joe Biden in six swing states where Donald Trump lodged accusations of fraud. Biden only carried these states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – by a total of 313,253 votes. Excluding Michigan, the gap was 159,065.”

He explained his point isn’t to “contest” the election results, “but to point out that we have a real problem that needs to be dealt with. Americans must have confidence in future elections.”

What is known about the 2020 election is that a Media Research Center study asked voters about the conspiracy involving legacy and social media behemoths to conceal accurate reporting, just before the election – of a laptop computer that revealed scandalous behavior on the part of the Bidens in their overseas business operations.

It found had more people known about that, they would have withheld their support from Joe Biden and he would have lost.

Further, an analysis revealed that the $420 million Mark Zuckerberg handed over to local election officials – often with instructions to recruit voters from Democrat districts – also likely “bought” the election for Biden.

And then there’s the local and state elections officials who simply ignored their own state laws regarding ballots in the election, favoring mail-in ballots that went heavily for Biden.

Lott wrote, “Courts have rejected challenges to the 2020 presidential vote, generally citing the lack of evidence that any alleged fraud would have altered the outcome in a particular state. The Republican plaintiffs argued that since their observers couldn’t watch the vote counts or were prevented from seeing other evidence, they couldn’t provide such proof without investigations backed by subpoena power. Still, while some judges have agreed that irregularities occurred in 2020, they weren’t willing to grant discovery in the absence of evidence that fraud could reverse the election results. Republicans thus faced a Catch-22 situation.”

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