Demonstrably Clear

The battle for Ukraine is proceeding as planned by Russian forces.

At this time, most of the Donbass city of Mariupol was liberated — Nazified Ukrainian forces largely routed.

Mopping up operations continue.

From inside the city, Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov said the following:

“Russian servicemen have carried out tremendous work to liberate the city.”

“A significant part of the enemy’s manpower and armored vehicles has been destroyed.” 

“At the moment, most of the city is under the control of the Russian armed forces.”

Respected analyst Larry Johnson stressed the following:

“Russia has eliminated any possibility of Ukraine being able to use the Black Sea for ship borne imports or exports.” 

“Ukraine is now cut off in the south.”

Remnant segments of its military are surrounded, cut off from each other and “pin(ned) down.”

Most of around 20,000 Nazified Ukrainian forces in Mariupol were eliminated.

Remnants of 2 to 3 thousand will be finished off to liberate the city entirely from their scourge.

Russian forces control their base.

Their largely defeated ranks are “concentrated at the Azov Steel plant, and that is where they will all be annihilated with Russian-LDNR infantry merely blocking exits from this vast industrial site making sure no Nazis escape,” Andrei Martyanov explained. 

Almost all of Donetsk was liberated.

Russian forces are now focusing on liberating Donbass and Kharkov entirely.

So-called US military experts quoted or cited by MSM “wouldn’t be allowed to command any serious squad or platoon in real armies,” Martyanov explained.

A sample of MSM fakery fed US news consumers on Tuesday includes the following rubbish: 

NYT fake news:

“Ukrainians on Monday reported that they had pushed back invading Russian forces in fierce fighting around Kiev (sic).”

“Ukrainian counterattacks around Kyiv reportedly retook more ground (sic).”

WaPo fake news:

“Ukrainian forces reclaimed control of a few small fronts in the country’s north (sic)…mopping up…underway (sic).”

WSJ fake news: 

“Ukrain(ian) (forces) counterattack(ed) to retake territory ahead of (peace) talks” in Istanbul on Tuesday.

CNN fake news: 

“Russian forces largely stalled in several parts of Ukraine (sic).”

UK owned and controlled BBC fake news: 

“Ukrainian forces reclaimed some ground (sic).”

They’re “attempting to push back Russians (sic).”

Canada’s owned and controlled CBC fake news:

“Ukraine takes back some areas, says Zelensky (sic).”

Qatar owned and controlled Al Jazeera fake news: 

US-installed puppet Zelensky “says Ukraine’s army pushed out Russian forces from key Kyiv suburb (sic).”

The above rubbish and reality are light years apart.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

In little over a month, Russian forces destroyed “308 (Ukrainian) drones, 1,713 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 170 multiple rocket launchers, 715 pieces of field artillery and mortars, as well as 1,557 pieces of special military vehicles.”

In the last 24 hours, Russian forces destroyed or rendered inoperable 36 Ukrainian “military objects.”

They downed 5 Kiev warplanes and 5 Smerch rockets.

Ukrainian bases, logistic centers, arms and fuel depots were destroyed with precision weapons.

No ambiguity exists about Russia’s superior military capabilities.

Make no mistake. Their superior weapons and tactics give Pentagon strategists and their NATO counterparts pause about daring to confront them in combat.

Fake news claims about Ukrainian counterattacks able to push back Russian forces anywhere is belied by reality on the ground.

No responsible editors would permit what’s fiction over factual to be reported in print or on air.

US/Western MSM feature trash over truth on all things related to Russia — as well about other US invented enemies.

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