How to do your own power animal reading

Power animals are guiding and protective influences that bring wisdom, healing and understanding to our lives. Our power animal usually remains with us for our entire life. On occasion, other animals may come in to assist as is needed. Learning how to do a power animal reading for yourself can bring clarity and understanding in regards to current situations as well as to help you to make decisions.

How do you know what your power animal is? The animal usually makes frequent appearances via dreams, you may see them in the physical realm, or your may have a strong interest or pull towards one type of animal. Usually people already have an idea of which animal is their power animal. If you still aren’t sure which animal is your power animal you can always listen to a guided meditation that is specifically geared to help you connect with your power animal. You may also ask your power animal to reveal themselves to you in your awake state, or you may select a card from an animal oracle deck, go into a meditation with that animal, and then see if you resonate with that animal.

4 Card Power Animal Spread

You can use any deck of animal cards. I recommend Medicine Wheel Cards  by Jamie Sams as well as Steven Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides. There are many, many animal oracle decks available for purchase.

The reading will reflect the message that is coming from your own power animal. Sometimes your power animal will be one of the cards that pop up during the reading.  I prefer to put the card with my power animal to the side as a focal point.

  1. You may ask any question you wish with this layout. I usually ask the question, “Where is my consciousness at with …?” You may fill in the blank with areas such as – career, finances, health, family relationships etc.
  2. Select 4 cards after asking your question.
  3. Place the first card in the direction of the East.
  4. Place the second card in the direction of the South.
  5. Place the third card in the direction of the West.
  6. Place the fourth card in the direction of the North.
  7. Take a moment to look at the cards and connect with the energy of the animals.
  8. Review what energy the directions represent.

What Does Each Direction Mean?

East – where your are with your thoughts, ideas, mental energy, planning

South – the  course of action that is needed, also the type of healing that is recommended

West – inner reflection, where you are at emotionally, your desires, your will, tuning into your solar plexus

North – what you are manifesting, also guidance from your ancestors, what you can expect in the near future as your outcome

I usually use this spread once or twice a month to connect with my power animal. Often life keeps us busy and we sometimes forget that we do have assistance even if we do not always feel the presence of our helpers. By using this spread monthly, I connect with my power animal and receive a healing from him instantly.

If you would like to learn more about power animals and the messages they bring, Ted Andrews’s Animal Speak is probably the most accurate and thorough resource out there that I have found to help you learn about the energy each animal holds.

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