Ukraine Update, March 30

On Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted that multiple rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian delations — through Tuesday in Istanbul — produced no “breakthroughs,” nothing “very promising,” adding:

“There is still very, very long-term work to be done.”

While “concrete proposals…put…down on paper (by Ukraine reflect) a positive thing,” Russia’s special military operation continues without resolution.

On Wednesday, Russia’s lead negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky announced the following:

“(F)or the first time, (Kiev said) not only orally but also in written form, that it’s ready to fulfill a number of the most important conditions for building normal, and, hopefully, good-neighborly relations with Russia in the future.”

“Let me remind you that after the (Obama/Biden regime’s) 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine, Russia has been making these demands to the Kiev regime, to its patrons, especially the US, for years.” 

“Russia proposed negotiations, proposed to conclude various kinds of agreements that were supposed to guarantee Ukraine’s security and provide Russia’s national interests in this area.”

“All these demands had been ignored for years.” And (NATO) has also been creating an anti-Russian foothold from Ukraine, more precisely, from Ukrainian territory, for years.”

“Ukraine’s entry into NATO, the creation of NATO military bases on its territory seemed to be a settled issue.” 

“It was a matter of time.”

“(T)here were also efforts on creating biological weapons.” 

“(T)he issue of Ukraine’s acquisition of nuclear weapons was also made public knowledge.”

“All these years, the Kiev regime carried out an open genocide against the residents of Donbass.” 

“There’s a lot of evidence for this.”

“There’s irrefutable evidence that Kiev was planning to launch an offensive against Donbass in the near future.”

“In that case Russia would have had to stand up for tens and tens of thousands of our Russian citizens living there anyway.”

“Under these circumstances, Russia was forced to launch a preemptive special military operation.”

Yesterday for the first time, Kiev said it’s ready for conflict resolution with Russia.

It listed what can be part of a possible agreement, including the following:

Refusal to join NATO, Ukraine becoming bloc-free.

Its renunciation of acquiring nuclear weapons.

It agreed to conduct troop exercises only with consent of its guarantor states, including Russia.

It’s ready to fulfill demands insisted on by Russia for years.

If Ukraine sticks to the above principles — a very big if — the threat of creating a NATO bridgehead on Ukrainian territory no longer will exist.

That said, negotiations continue.

And as the saying goes, many a slip between the cup and lip occurred time and again in negotiations between nations free from US control and its ruling regimes.

Far more often than not, it was clear that they can never be trusted.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners control all things Ukraine related to 

Russia and Donbass.

Kiev has no authority over them, no power to decide things independently from its higher power in Washington.

All of the above announced by Russia’s lead negotiator Medinsky is far less straightforward than it sounds.

Given implacable US hostility toward all things Russia — including unparalleled sanctions war and proxy hot war with no prospect of ending them — it’s inconceivable that US vassal state Ukraine decided on its own to turn a page for more positive relations with Moscow after the other way around since Feb. 2014.

Note what Donestsk reported on Wednesday.

“Ukrainian forces fired more than 300 rounds on the DPR over the past day.”

“Ukrainian forces used Grad MLRS systems, heavy artillery, and mortars.”

“Eight townships came under fire on the Donetsk and Gorlovka directions.”

“One civilian has been killed, 16 injured, 30 houses and infrastructure facilities damaged.

“On Wednesday morning, the enemy barraged the Kirovskiy district of Donetsk, firing two Uragan MLRS rockets.” 

“One of them hit a residential house at 8 Pintera street.”

“The roof partially collapsed. 

“Flats on the 8th and 9th floors were destroyed.”

“Two civilians have been killed, seven injured, 29 people evacuated from the house.”

“The other rocket exploded next to the school No.97 injuring a civilian and damaging the school, a kindergarten and a boiler house.”

“Two civilians were killed in Gorlovka at night, 16 households damaged.” 

“The situation in Mariupol is not a part of JCCC reports as (scattered) urban combat there is ongoing.” 

“Evacuation efforts (from the city) continue, 635 people taken to safety in the past day.”

Does any of the above sound like Kiev is ready to resolve conflict and agree to Russia’s core demands?

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov accused US-dominated NATO of plotting to transform Ukraine into Russia’s Afghanistan.

Does that sound like the Biden regime authorized vassal state Ukraine to pursue conflict resolution with Russia by agreeing to its key demands?

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One thought on “Ukraine Update, March 30

  • March 31, 2022 at 20:28

    Mr Lendman..

    Sadly the FBI article has been disappeared.

    Would have loved to have seen that.

    But Gee Whiz…how did I know immediately it was a False Flag..?

    Served the CNN and Deep State Agenda perfectly..!

    The rapacious attack and Sabotage of the Trump Adm.

    I should add on March 31, 2022..
    My time of reading..
    With the vision of hindsight..

    Pericles said, ” Let us await the wisest of all Judges, Time..!”

    The Verdict is in.

    Now we see it fits perfectly into the jigsaw puzzle of the Clinton Hit Job on Trump and the Republic itself.


    Was actually Hillary Gate..!

    Then comes the Impeachment for a Telephone Call..

    With lying” Shiffty”Adam Schiff
    Reading a fabrication of the Transcript..

    Then comes the next False Flag..Jan 6..!
    Never ending lies.

    They did everything they could to frame him up, sabotage him and still trying desperately, as we speak to convict him of a financial impropriety.

    He’ll win in ’24..
    But he should get two terms for getting Totally Fuxed on the first one ..!

    And I’m not a Trump Supporter.
    It’s just the cold hard facts !

    Who the Criminals were…

    Moreover…really nasty vile War Crimes
    with the Bio Weapons Labs..!

    BTW…Since the FBI Cybercrimes Unit
    To whom the Laptop was given too..



    ( NASA lost the Math
    to get Back to the Moon..!)

    Hey..maybe the FBI should look for Hillary’s 30,000 Emails they lost..!

    Noteworthy in this Corrupt dysfunctional Hoax of a Democracy..

    The NY POST had all the information
    Three weeks before the Election in 2020

    They went to the FBI with it..
    But it got lost.

    Actually, quite often, I wonder does it even matter anymore, this country so despicably rotten and corrupt.

    Lastly, where I came into the movie.

    When I was in my 20s ,
    Back in the 60s

    The Richest Jewish guy in Louisiana

    Told me the Zionists funded the KKK..!
    Surreptitiously, of course.

    Fit a Paradigmatic scheme I was quite aware of

    that the NY Mob used to drive down South and give money to the Prohibition
    Church Ladies..!

    Same ball of wax.


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